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One last hurra! at Costa Brava

My last weekend in Spain just passed (the end is near!!! wahhh). I arrived in Barcelona 5 pm of 26 July. I visited my Colombian friend Oscar, who is now doing his internship in Barcelona. He fetched me together with his girlfriend Elly at the Barcelona Sants station.

We roamed a bit in Las Ramblas by late afternoon and had dinner at the Plaza Real (Plaça Reial in catalán). We had a stroll at the Barrio Gótico at night. Being the Gothic architecture lover that I am, Barrio Gótico is one of the tourist attractions I like in Barcelona. I wasn’t able to take photos because I don’t have a camera. Or at least a good one that could take night photos. I had my flatmate’s camera with me but that is mostly for daytime use.


27 July, Saturday.

Oscar, Elly and I, took the train leaving Barcelona Sants station at 7:46 am and we were at Girona by 9. Oscar’s uncle Gus, who lives with his family on the next town of San Feliu de Guíxols, picked us up at the station

We then dropped by first at his uncle’s flat to get some things and to get her wife, Clara, who was waiting for us at the house. Their little boy, Pau, is an adorable child. I’ve only seen him before in Oscar’s photos in Facebook but now I’ll be spending an entire day with him. 🙂

Costa Brava is this stretch of coast in northeast of Spain that faces the Mediterranean Sea. Oscar was telling  me we are going to a nice beach where there are not so many tourists. I was thinking, hmm.. Let me see to believe. Spain is the beach capital of Europe during the summer and a beach hidden from northern European tourists? I wasn’t too sure about that.

We had a lunch of hamburgers, fries, and my summer drink sangria by a chiringuito, an open air restaurant by the beach. Our conversation circled on life in general, with Oscar’s uncle Gus pitching in what life is like in your 30s and 40s.


Here is Pau making sure I don’t get burned. So cute this kid! And speaks straight too at 2 1/2 years old.

We arrived at a little before 11 am. There were not much people then but by the afternoon, the beach lovers started pouring in. There were quite a few Germans, French and English.

Me with Oscar, one of the good friends I’ve made during my stay in Spain.


We were back in Barcelona by 10:30 pm. We have free entrance to this popular beach side club called Opium. We were in the guest list to come in before 1 am. Elly and I were able to get in before 1 am while Oscar was waiting for Christian, his flatmate and also our classmate at our MBA, to get dressed. We waited for them in the club.

I borrowed one of Elly’s high heeled shoes. I came to Barcelona only wearing flip flops, didn’t know we were going to a bar. Even with my aching feet I still enjoyed my last night of clubbing in Spain. 😉

The following day, 28 July, my bus leaves at 11:30 am for Madrid. We arrived on time at the train station. But the wrong one! I forgot that my bus leaves at Barcelona Nord and not at Sants!

The train prices are horrible. 110€ for a single trip. Had no choice but to go by bus and the only bus schedule that still has available seats leaves at midnight. Gahhh!! I was wanting to sleep Sunday night at my room so I’ll be fresh the next day to pack my luggage. No choice, leaving at midnight and arriving at 7:30 in Madrid.


As they say in Spanish, no hay nada mal que por bien no venga. In English there’s no literal translation but the meaning is “every cloud has a silver lining.” I know that Barcelona has an Arc de Triomf and I haven’t seen it yet. The Arc is a five-minute walk from the Barcelona Nord station and since I missed my bus and will be taking the night bus, I could now have a photo taken with it. 🙂

Here’s my summer song 2013. It is the soundtrack for a tv ad of Estrella Damm, the beer from Barcelona.


I’m gonna miss Spain, lots. Can’t help but cry a bit seeing this video. This is not the last Spain. ¡Hasta la próxima!