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7 Things Every Woman Should Accomplish In Her 20s | Thought Catalog

7 Things Every Woman Should Accomplish In Her 20s | Thought Catalog.

This article caught my attention. I had to see what’s on the list that I’ve actually done. I wouldn’t really say they’re accomplishments; I’d say more of exploits.

Living in her own apartment. Well, I haven’t exactly lived on my own cos I’ve shared an apartment when I was living in Singapore and also now in Spain. I need to be practical in this sense since living independently in Singapore is quite next to impossible with the rent eating a huge portion of my earnings. Here in Spain, I prefer of course to live with Spanish flatmates to further hone my Spanish speaking skills.

In the Philippines it’s not common to move out of our parents’ house once we have graduated and start working. My living abroad and looking after myself especially here in Spain is the equivalent of my being an independent woman.

Going on a trip alone. I have traveled quite a few cities in Europe but have yet to travel alone. I am actually on the verge of doing this (high five!). The idea excites and scares me at the same time because I’m not versed in the language they speak in that country. But having lived independently abroad for a few years now coupled with some extensive travels, it’s not actually that frightening a task.

Having at least one night where she goes way too crazy. Well, well, well I might have had one or two nights where alcohol is to blame for. That night when you let go and just let things be. It’s actually nice to reminisce but not the part when I was throwing up. *gross

night outs

Moving to a new city where she knows almost no one. I nailed this one! Moving to Spain of course! I hardly knew anyone here and all my relatives were exclaiming to my mom how bold I was for doing this. Looking back, I’d say I got what I wanted. Got what I came here for.


Beauty Loot Thursday

Yesterday I was out to find me walk-in-the-rain boots. I decided it would be handy to get one since Spring is here (hello rain!) and it would serve me well for my upcoming Easter trip.

That was the main agenda but I got sidetracked when I passed by a  Kiehl’s store in Fuencarral, a shopping street in Madrid adjacent to Gran Vía.

I entered because I was curious about the brand. This brand has appeared in my search for a good lip balm but didn’t know where to get one here until yesterday. The exact name of their lip balm is even saved in my mobile phone: Kiehl’s Lip Balm # 1 just in case I do manage to find it here in Spain.

The classic is selling for 8€. I was approached by a staff and asked me if she could help me. I asked if there were other variants of the lip balm and she showed me that there’s also one with SPF 15 and a scented version, mango. I smelled the mango lip balm and quickly had a dilemma: will the classic work much better for my chapped lips or will the scented mango version work just as well? In the end, mango won!

It melts when it comes in contact with your mouth. Hmm.. wonder what happens once it’s summer? By then I might not be able to find out with the rate I’m applying it. It’s the closest I can get to a Jollibee Peach Mango Pie. 😀

Oh and three days ago I bought another Carmex Lip Balm. This one is with a sheer peach tint.


I trust that my expensive Kiehl’s Lip Balm will help my puckers get back in shape and ready for a tinted lip gloss.

Kiehl’s also gave me some cool samples. The shop assistant asked if I want something for the body, hair etc. I quickly said I want something for the face and this is what she gave me.

Don’t you just love product samples? I do. 😉

The facial cleansers are very much welcome in my travel kit. In fact I just bought one in Sephora together with a retractable waterproof eyeliner.


Hahahaha this is not a beauty blog. Just sharing my finds on a Thursday stroll in Madrid.

Delta Search leads to trouble

Recently victimized by a virus/malware –> that’s me.

I was trying to register on a site where I can manage and look for flights and train schedules. It prompted me to download flash to complete the registration and so I did. When it finished downloading, the tabs I have open started acting up and mouse cursor was blinking. I closed Google Chrome and when I opened it again my default web browser was changed to Delta Search. I then changed the settings of my web browser back to AVG Secure Search, closed my browser and opened it again to see it changed back to Delta Search.

Errmm.. This doesn’t look right.


I then noticed a new icon on my system tray at the lower right corner of my screen. It is red in the shape of a talk balloon with a face drawn on it. It reminded me of those ghost-like creatures in Mario Bros. that follow Mario and then freeze and then follow him again. When I right-clicked on this icon it says IM.

the classic boo looks more effective as Mario’s nemesis than this new version.


I’ve quickly put two and two together and realized that this was a result of the flash download I was prompted to do. Damn!


I went straight to my Control Panel > Uninstall Program to remove the bitch. And yeah it was there Delta Search and Delta Search Toolbar. I immediately uninstalled them and was worrying if they would be removed with a simple uninstall program. My fingers scrambled to google up how to remove Delta Search and found this really useful step by step tutorial.


It says Delta Search also downloads with it a couple other things in your computer such as BrowserProtect and YoontooI found BrowserProtect in my programs and removed it but there wasn’t any Yoontoo downloaded. I inspected other programs which may have been downloaded inavertently and saw Babylon Search and Babylon Toolbar. I don’t remember downloading those ever so I also uninstalled them.


I spent about 40 minutes in the removal process. Step 1 – 2 of the tutorial is easy but I didn’t stop there and followed the rest of the steps (steps 3-5) to totally eliminating this virus/malware attack. I was totally relieved I got rid off it. Many thanks to Stelian and his superb Delta Search removal guide.



I remember a fellow co-worker’s spiel when I was still working in a call center in a anti-virus account. That a virus scan works like vitamins; that while you receive some level of immunity to sickness, it doesn’t totally prevent you from being sick. So friends caution is still the best practice.