Getting cultured at Museo del Prado

Thursday, 25 July I went to visit the Museo del Prado once again. This was my second time, the first being three weeks before. In just one visit it’s hard to see everything unless of course you plan to stay the whole day. I always time my visit for the free entrance from 6 – 8 pm.

I happened to have stumbled on this useful link.

Important masterpieces to see during a trip in Madrid’s Museo del Prado

Maria Andrea, one of my classmates from my MBA in Pamplona who recently moved to Madrid to do an internship, joined me in this quest of seeing what needs to be seen and appreciated at the Museo del Prado.

Following the recommendations on the link, we’ve seen the following obras maestras.

Tiziano “El Emperador Carlos V a caballo en Mühlberg”

José de Ribera, “El sueño de Jacob”

Murillo, “La Inmaculada”  

Rubens“Las Tres Gracias” 

El Greco“El Caballero de la mano en el pecho”  y “La Trinidad”

obras maestras de Goya“La Familia de Carlos IV” o las“Majas”

Sorolla,“Niños en la playa”

Rembrandt Harmensz, “Judit en el banquete de Holofernes

Velázquez,“Las meninas y La familia de Felipe IV”

There were also times  we were at the correct sala (room) but the painting we were looking for isn’t there anymore. They do move the paintings from time to time. This is why a curator’s help might just be needed, as we did.

We also obtained the museum’s leaflet so we can follow the floor plan and could easily go hopping from one painting to another. Masterpieces of great artists were also highlighted there. Maria and I alternately read the description on the paintings so we could know more about it.

There’s also another art installation I like which isn’t part of the museum. The rotonda nearby is called the Plaza de Neptuno which I prefer over the Plaza de Cibeles.


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