Cosmopolitan Milan

Last stop in Italy: Milan

I arrived in Milan evening of 26 June via train from Venice. I went straight to the hostel which was, of all the hostels I’ve stayed in Italy was the worse. It was right next to the tram rail tracks that I hardly slept on my first night. But things go as planned. I got up at 8 am the following day to do what I came here for.

27 June. Milan.

Another Italian duomo.


With gazillions of pigeons.

Come to think of it, all the Italian cities I’ve been to, their duomos are always a point of interest for tourists. It’s no brainer that in Italy, much of the art work and architectural styles are exhibited in the cathedrals and churches. Catholic churches are lavish and rich in art.


Right next to the duomo is..



Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, said to be the oldest shopping center in the world.



I wasn’t expecting there was an arch of any sort in Milan. This turned out to be a good surprise. Was astonished to know that the erection of the arch was commissioned by Napoleon.

The purpose of which is to feed his ego and make it as a tribute to his victory in destroying the adjacent Castello Sforzesco. It’s construction was halted with his defeat in Waterloo. The completed work however, was dedicated to the European Peace that was reached. Happy ending.

What else was there to see in Milan? Fashion. There is what they call the Rectangle of Gold where four streets form a rectangle that houses high-fashion brands Dolce, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada to name a few. I got disappointed though after circling the area. It was to me, just an ordinary street of high-end boutiques. I was expecting, well, that the street itself was stylish. The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is prettier and it also has Gucci, Prada and other labels.

I’ve covered these all by mid-day. For that afternoon, a side trip to Lake Como was what I had in mind.


It was only an hour’s ride away. The round trip ticket cost me 9.10€. It wasn’t the best weather when I was there. It was raining while I was on my way but I got lucky it stopped when I arrived. It was a bit cold with me wearing shorts and a sleeveless top. Nevertheless I got a pashmina wrapped around me so I managed to walk around.

When I came back to the Milan city center, dark clouds were looming by the duomo making it radiate golden against the dark background.


I would have wanted to drop by this shopping area that was recommended to me by the receptionist at the hostel which was, according to him, affordable. But the weather was dropping and I couldn’t anymore with the clothes I was wearing. Besides I got no more € to burn.

The following day, 28 June was my flight back to Spain. My nine days of ruins (Rome), famous landmarks (Pisa and Rome), getting lost in little streets (Venice), fashion (Milan & Florence), tradition (Siena), art (mostly at the Vatican) and gelato (Rome), not to mention pizza, has just been fulfilled. Arrivederci Italia!



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