(At a) Lost in Venice

Following my 3 days of Rome, time to move to another city.

25 June. Venice (7 in the afternoon).

Arriving at the Ferrovia (railway station) I had to take the vaporetto, a waterbus which is the primary means of transport in this city. I took Line 2 going in the direction of S.Marco-S.Zaccaria. A one-way transport on the vaporetto costs 7€.

While traversing the waters onboard the vaporetto, excitement started to build up in me as I take in the ambience of Venice. It does look romantic.


It was quite a long ride roughly about 50 mins. From the S.Marco-S.Zaccaria station, I now have to follow the directions indicated in the confirmation letter of the hostel. The directions were clear so I had no problem arriving at the hostel, Venice Gold.

Little did I know that my initiation in getting lost among these maze of canals was about to start. I was told by the receptionist that they don’t accept credit/debit card payments. I was low on cash which means that upon arriving at 8 pm, I already had to go out and find an atm machine to withdraw money. A map was supplied to me and directions given where the nearest atm was.
That atm happens to be not working so I asked around for another atm machine.  I was able to get me some money to last me for the next 3 days I’m still in Italy. I consulted my map and saw that I was near the 5€ pizza the receptionist told me about. I decided to drop by and check it out. Ended up ordering for take-away a slice which was just 2€. I took a bite. It was kind of oily but pretty tasty.

I then started to walk back to the hostel all the while paying attention to the restaurants, streets, bridges that I pass by. They look familiar so I tell myself I’m on the right track. So far so good.

And then, I happened to pass by a plaza twice which means I just went round it. I tried another street, and saw a restaurant with terrace seating right beside the canal. I already passed by that restaurant so nothing to worry about, I was on the right direction. Then I passed the restaurant again and even took notice of this cute guy eating alone. My mind started thinking of reasons why he was all by himself. Dumped recently by his girlfriend was the most probable explanation I could think of. Or it could be that he’s single for quite a while and looking for romance? Haha. So yeah this was how I was entertaining myself while looking for my way back.

I’m pretty good with directions but all that start to disappear when it gets dark. This is when I started getting worried since it was past 9 pm already and I still couldn’t find my way back. I passed by the restaurant again and saw the lonely guy still eating. After a few minutes, I passed that restaurant again and he was gone!!!
I don’t care he’s gone but do I care that I passed him by several times already! I’m officially LOST!

When it was almost 10, I sought help already from a man who, by the looks of it, is a local. That way he could really help me. He wasn’t familiar where my street was but he helped me find it by asking around and even walking me all the way back. Oh God bless him! I got tired from walking round and round and was getting desperate by the time I saw him and asked for help.


26 June. Still in Venice. About to get lost again.

I got a full day ahead of me. I had to see the main sights of Venice in daylight and be back at the hostel by 3pm to get my luggage so I can be at the Ferrovia by 5pm and catch a bus to Milan.


Basilica di San Marco was first on the list. On the way there I passed by this hotel which is very famous with Hollywood’s location managers. Danieli.


The Tourist starrring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie was shot here. There was even a scene where Johnny Depp had to go out a window of the hotel and past several roofs to outrun his assailants. I was checking out if I could rehash that scene in this facade of the Danieli but it wouldn’t click. Maybe it’s on the other side.
Woody Allen’s Everyone Says I Love You, also feature the hotel.

The Basilica di San Marco, well I was a bit disappointed. It doesn’t turn out pretty in my pictures. That may already be a given since I have a low-end digicam with me (my Panasonic Lumix GF2 still not functioning) and the construction works obstruct the view.

I didn’t think of entering since you have to pay an entrance fee. When I passed it by at past 9 am, the crowd has started to gather queuing to enter.


My next stop was the Peggy Guggenheim Museum. It was recommended by my Korean friend from my Spanish class, Gabriela.

Left: is an upside down mirror by Anisha Kapoor at the Sculpture Gardens. Right: The Angel of the City, Marino Marini.


I especially loved the sculpture garden. Many interesting pieces. I’m not into art per se but I have this new found appreciation for it.
Wandering about the streets outside the museum, this pizzeria looked inviting. For 2.50€, I got me a slice to enjoy. It wasn’t my lunch yet but it would help with the carbs I need to keep on walking.




I needed to cross the bridge that is the Ponte dell’Accademia again to go back where I came from, back to the Basilica di San Marco. Since I would need to walk (and probably get lost again). I boarded a traghetto.


On my way to the Peggy Guggenheim, I asked a pinoy for directions. There was quite some of them too in Venice. He was the one who advised me to ride a traghetto which would bring  me to S. Giorgio on my way back. I remember having read about it online, costs cheaper than a gondola too (2€). Actually it is a gondola minus the plush seats. The ride is short though as it would just ferry you across the canal. Kuya pinoy even joked that at least with the traghetto, I can say that I did ride a gondola. #pinoyhumor 🙂


Back on the main island I just had to find my way back again to the Basilica di San Marco. But these little streets of Venice are just really tricky and I got lost again. This time, my savior was a pinay. She gave me directions and walked a bit with me on how to reach the Basilica. Relief flooded me when I finally reached the busy Basilica. It was almost 2 pm. The time I could have allotted for lunch flew by because of these impossible streets. Good thing I at least ate a pizza.


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