Sierra climbing

Last Saturday, the first day of June 2013, we trekked the highest peak of Sierra Guadarrama – the Peñalara. The view was spectacular.


The trip was organized by our grammar professor at the Universidad Completense de Madrid, Leonor. She regularly organizes excursion trips for her class. The other time was in Asturias but I didn’t join that time since it was the week before my Granada-Cádiz trip, which for me, was more important.

I’m not really into trekking. I think this was my first time to do it. When we arrived at past 11 am, it was really cold and I wasn’t wearing enough warm clothes. I had a jacket on but the shirt I had beneath wasn’t cut for cold weather. But thankfully as we started the climb at about past noon, the temperature has risen and the sun came out from hiding behind clouds. A perfect day it turned out to be for a hike.


Sierra de Guadarrama is a mountain range that runs through the provinces of Madrid, Ávila and Segovia. The mountain of Peñalara is declared a nature reserve with the official title  Parque Natural de Peñalara. It has several lakes, streams and waterfalls.


All this unspoiled beauty!

When we reached the lake by the foot of the snow-capped mountains, an impressive landscape that deserves to be caught on photo, my camera stopped functioning. It’s the second time this has happened (the first time was in Granada). It displayed a message on the LCD to turn off the camera and turn it on again. I did exactly that several times but it won’t turn the lens on. Really this had me worrying all week. Everyday I will turn it on, turn it off again. Shake it, then shake it some more. Remove the battery, put it back and turn it on again. Until finally last night when I tried to turn it on again it worked!!! What a relief! I was pondering where to take it for repairs. I have upcoming trips and having a camera with me is indispensable. But I still managed to take a few photos before this malfunction happened, thus I have pictures to show here in my blog. Just too bad I didn’t get to take a photo of the lake. Darn!

Oh and I’ve got a souvenir from this hike: a bruise. It happened on our climb down on rocks that serve as well, stepping stones (in the most literal sense). There’s a stream running down by these rocks and I slipped so I have this bruise on my right knee. Not a big deal though as it’s nothing serious. I look at it as my initiation into mountain climbing. 🙂


A classmate from Taiwan asked me why I haven’t done any mountain climbing in the Philippines given we got plenty of them. I told her I wasn’t really into it and.. most importantly, I don’t think I can stand it with the hot humid weather. For sure I can’t go any further and would want to back down hahaha. But maybe in the shoulder months of November-February (between the rainy season and summer) that would be a perfect time to climb.

Now I totally get it. The high that mountain climbers get from reaching the apex. Admiring nature’s beauty from this vantage point gives a wonderful feeling. That said, this might just be the first of more to come.



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