7 Things Every Woman Should Accomplish In Her 20s | Thought Catalog

7 Things Every Woman Should Accomplish In Her 20s | Thought Catalog.

This article caught my attention. I had to see what’s on the list that I’ve actually done. I wouldn’t really say they’re accomplishments; I’d say more of exploits.

Living in her own apartment. Well, I haven’t exactly lived on my own cos I’ve shared an apartment when I was living in Singapore and also now in Spain. I need to be practical in this sense since living independently in Singapore is quite next to impossible with the rent eating a huge portion of my earnings. Here in Spain, I prefer of course to live with Spanish flatmates to further hone my Spanish speaking skills.

In the Philippines it’s not common to move out of our parents’ house once we have graduated and start working. My living abroad and looking after myself especially here in Spain is the equivalent of my being an independent woman.

Going on a trip alone. I have traveled quite a few cities in Europe but have yet to travel alone. I am actually on the verge of doing this (high five!). The idea excites and scares me at the same time because I’m not versed in the language they speak in that country. But having lived independently abroad for a few years now coupled with some extensive travels, it’s not actually that frightening a task.

Having at least one night where she goes way too crazy. Well, well, well I might have had one or two nights where alcohol is to blame for. That night when you let go and just let things be. It’s actually nice to reminisce but not the part when I was throwing up. *gross

night outs

Moving to a new city where she knows almost no one. I nailed this one! Moving to Spain of course! I hardly knew anyone here and all my relatives were exclaiming to my mom how bold I was for doing this. Looking back, I’d say I got what I wanted. Got what I came here for.


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