The puente in Madrid from 1 – 5 May didn’t end with just a trip to Granada. Me and Dita traveled further south where the beaches are – Cádiz.

From Granada we took the 10 AM bus that leaves for Cádiz on 3 May. We got there by around 3 PM and this is the scene of the main plaza that greeted us. Instantly gave me that beach-y feel.

After the cold we experienced in Granada, we were grateful of the 22 C° weather with plenty of sun.

Walking to find our Airbnb accomodation for the night, passed by this bar.


I never understood what it was exactly.

After checking in to our room, we grabbed a menú del día at one of the restaurants nearby and set off for the Torre Tavira.

Torre Tavira, which was once a watch tower, has been converted into a tourist attraction with the installation of a Camera Obscura. This camera provides a 360° panorama of Cádiz at a precise moment. You can even see clothes hung out for drying moving with the gentle breeze and people walking below. It was quite entertaining, with the guide explaining each of the important buildings along with a few jokes.

After the 15-minute presentation, one can go at the top of the tower to breathe in the view.

P1100510 P1100517


Back down, we went in search of the nearby beaches. This is because the whole day of the next day, we’ll just be lying down by the beach sunbathing.



After checking out the two nearest beaches, we had an idyllic stroll within the casco antiguo – the city centerThat was pretty much what we did to pass the time.


4 May.

While there are plenty of beaches to choose from, the following day, we were quite lazy to go beach-hopping. The nearest beach from the city center is the Playa de La Caleta, Caleta beach. It was about a 10-minute walk from the room we rented and arrived at past 10 AM. We stayed there for four hours, grabbed lunch by 3 PM and went to the train station to catch our train for Madrid leaving at 4:35 PM.

The sand was fine and what I would consider on the whitish side. I dipped in the water too, it was cold but became manageable after a while.




I actually left my jacket in the closet of the room we stayed in. Realized this while we were almost done with lunch and me telling Dita that I’ll be changing clothes since it may be colder in the train. We headed back but unfortunately, the owner was out. I left Cádiz with one jacket less.


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