Regional Spanish food

A week ago I started a short course in Spanish cuisine. We were to prepare typical Spanish food.

Classes are held every Wednesdays and for that first class, we did a dish which is served in the whole of Spain: tortilla de patata. We made twothe basic one and the other with salmon. I really like the latter, didn’t know tortilla de patata would go so well with salmon.

We also prepared a soup typical to Cordoba: salmorejo.


It was my first time to try salmorejo. And I really ♥ it. While in Granada I have tried gazpacho which is it’s close cousinBoth are made with tomatoes and the similarity would end there plus the fact that both could be served cold. Salmorejo could be served either hot or cold. It’s main ingredients are tomatoes, old bread which make good crumbs, sprinkling of rock salt to help juice out the tomatoes, a clove of garlic, olive oil and vinegar. All these ingredients would need to be puréed. Then for topping they usually put jamón or boiled egg. We used some cured tuna which works just as well.


And then two days ago, my housemate from Gran Canaria prepared a typical dish of theirs: papas arrugadas. In English it directly translates as wrinkled potatoes.

What I love about this is the salsa that accompanies it. It’s made of tomatoes, garlic, bell pepper and cumin. It’s a really tasty dish. Strong word of advice: never eat this when you go out on a date as the smell lingers in the mouth. 😉


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