Domingo de Ramos

Today marks the first time I’ve gone to mass since moving here in Madrid. But most importantly today is Palm Sunday, Domingo de Ramos.

The church’s name is Parroquia del Corpus Christi y Nuestra Señora del Buen Suceso ( I know it’s really long). It’s three streets away from where I live.


Bought my ramos de olivo (olive branches, palaspas in Tagalog) right in front of the church. Payment is de voluntad (by will). Gave the lady a euro for it.

Can’t help but observe again the dwindling or better yet the aging mass-goers here in Spain. The times I went to church in Pamplona I swear majority of the tops of the heads in front of me are white. Either white or balding, a combination of both even.

In the Philippines, families usually go to church together but here it’s just usually the old people. It’s a rarity to see a family with children going to mass.

I hope the newly-elected Pope Francis I could help gather Catholics back into the fold.


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