Prague, the old and the modern; NYE 2013

Prague’s offerings are not restricted to its longstanding plazas, churches, gates, bridges and its castle, it also showcases modern sculptures.

Those of David Černý scattered around the city have the notoriety to provoke controversy. One of his works seen at the Žižkov Television Tower was our first stop for 30 December.


We have checked our map and also asked Eva at the hostel how to reach the TV Tower.

We have to take a tram but once outside on the streets, we didn’t have a clue where to buy the tickets so we asked a Czech girl passing by. She speaks English (great!), gave us directions and walked us all the way to the street leading to where we can buy the tram tickets. This would be our first taste of the hospitality of Czech people.


cos they also use Ariel in Prague :p


Hello babies!


Going back to the city center we decided to take the subway. Prague’s are really way underground. Look at the length of the escalators leading to the train platform.


We headed back to Staromestske namesti, the Old Town Square for more sightseeing plus we have yet to see the twelve apostles by the Astronomical Clock. We were always missing them by minutes!



Jan Hus’ statue merrily surrounded by yuletide decor.


So we finally chanced upon the hourly appearance of the 12 apostles. It is marked by a skeleton ringing the bell and out come the apostles from the two doors above the astronomical dial. The appearance was really short, lasting only about 6 seconds. This is why according to our trusty guide, Ammon, a trumpet at the end of the appearance of the apostles was added to signal that the show is over.



I want so see more of the city while Patxi wants to take a siesta. So I roamed about the city alone in search of another David Černý creation: the statue of St. Wenceslas riding a dead horse upside down. This sculpture is situated by the entrance of a theater.



Next, I wanted to see the Prague Castle and even though it is situated quite near, it will still take me 25 minutes by walking so I took the subway. I had to get there fast cos 4 pm was fast approaching the sun is setting.

this is actually the facade of St. Vitus Cathedral


The Gothic facade above is actually that of St. Vitus Cathedral located within Prague Castle. I didn’t sign up for any tour of the castle, just admiring it and walking about its surroundings served me just fine.


Approached an Asian traveler to take my photo. Quite pleased with the photos he took of me. 🙂


The amazing view of Prague from a vantage point of the castle.


Went back the way of Karlův most, Charles bridge to find my way back to the hostel.



Last day of 2012!

On the way to Charles Bridge, about a five-minute walk from our hostel are Bapies, it has David Černý written all over it.



The hustle and bustle on the morning of 31 December 2012. Travel souvenirs usually of paintings and photos of Prague are sold on the bridge.



Black Theatre is also famous in Prague. Unfortunately didn’t have enough Czech Crowns to cover an entrance to one.



I am holding what resembles several stacks of donut-looking pastry here. I had to wait until my second to the last day to get one making sure I’ve enough money to last me til my last day haha. I cannot ever pronounce its name, it is called Trdelnik. I like it, not too sweet but enough to get me energized for more walking.


This is how they grill Trdelnik.


Bought me a souvenir of a ref magnet. I really wanted to buy a Prague Astronomical Clock miniature as a souvenir. It’s a real working clock too but it costs 16€ which I don’t have. 😦


I had to drown away my sorrow with a beer.. 😉
Pilsner Urquell is a famous beer brand in Prague. And even without enough change to spare how can I not drink a beer when the Czech Republic consumes more beer per capita than any other country in the world? I thought all along it was Germany who holds that record but no my friends it’s Czech Republic.


The attraction I saved last to see is Frank Gehry’s Dancing House because of it’s proximity to our hostel, about a five-minute walk. I need to credit this building also to Vlado Milunić who is Gehry’s co-collaborator on the project.


Back at the hostel, we had some champagne and a few chips to share for NYE courtesy of Adam & Eva, the hostel’s owners. I recommend staying in this hostel located in Malá Strana. Adam & Eva hostel is quite new and clean with spacious rooms. Eva manages it. We chatted a couple of times and just like me she’s a fervent traveler. She had just been to a trip to Thailand where she has gotten the idea of putting up curtains for the bunk beds in the dorm rooms for added privacy. Brilliant!


I saw a New Year Party hat and had Patxi take a photo of me. I had a similar pose for NYE 2012 taken in Singapore. 😉 I’ve written about this in an earlier post Dear Diary-ing.


Off we marched to the city center to witness the fireworks for NYE.


5, 4, 3, 2, 1 it’s 12!!! Happy New Year!


I had a really awesome 2012! Now that it’s 2013, so far so good. Still awaiting what pleasant surprises this year would bring.


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