Delta Search leads to trouble

Recently victimized by a virus/malware –> that’s me.

I was trying to register on a site where I can manage and look for flights and train schedules. It prompted me to download flash to complete the registration and so I did. When it finished downloading, the tabs I have open started acting up and mouse cursor was blinking. I closed Google Chrome and when I opened it again my default web browser was changed to Delta Search. I then changed the settings of my web browser back to AVG Secure Search, closed my browser and opened it again to see it changed back to Delta Search.

Errmm.. This doesn’t look right.


I then noticed a new icon on my system tray at the lower right corner of my screen. It is red in the shape of a talk balloon with a face drawn on it. It reminded me of those ghost-like creatures in Mario Bros. that follow Mario and then freeze and then follow him again. When I right-clicked on this icon it says IM.

the classic boo looks more effective as Mario’s nemesis than this new version.


I’ve quickly put two and two together and realized that this was a result of the flash download I was prompted to do. Damn!


I went straight to my Control Panel > Uninstall Program to remove the bitch. And yeah it was there Delta Search and Delta Search Toolbar. I immediately uninstalled them and was worrying if they would be removed with a simple uninstall program. My fingers scrambled to google up how to remove Delta Search and found this really useful step by step tutorial.


It says Delta Search also downloads with it a couple other things in your computer such as BrowserProtect and YoontooI found BrowserProtect in my programs and removed it but there wasn’t any Yoontoo downloaded. I inspected other programs which may have been downloaded inavertently and saw Babylon Search and Babylon Toolbar. I don’t remember downloading those ever so I also uninstalled them.


I spent about 40 minutes in the removal process. Step 1 – 2 of the tutorial is easy but I didn’t stop there and followed the rest of the steps (steps 3-5) to totally eliminating this virus/malware attack. I was totally relieved I got rid off it. Many thanks to Stelian and his superb Delta Search removal guide.



I remember a fellow co-worker’s spiel when I was still working in a call center in a anti-virus account. That a virus scan works like vitamins; that while you receive some level of immunity to sickness, it doesn’t totally prevent you from being sick. So friends caution is still the best practice.


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