Winter chappiness: the quest for the miracle lip balm

Since December my lips have been suffering from the harsh winter weather. I’ve never had lips as dry and cracked. The sides of my mouth feel really sore and there’s that tightness when I open them a bit wide. When I eat tomatoes or anything acidic, it stings.


In my battle against chapped lips, I’ve amassed quite a number of lip balms.

They’ve grown into this number because the first one I got, which was also the most expensive at 5€+, didn’t do it’s job. That’s the Avéne Cold Cream. It also leaves a white film on the lips which makes my lips look pale that people must be thinking I must be feeling that cold! Eeep!


The one on the middle in a pink round tube which is branded Vaselina is just like your average petroleum jelly. It’s the cheapest and didn’t really help.


The Letibalm tastes weird I couldn’t even explain it.


The Elbel brand, after continuously applying it for 3 consecutive days and without going out, cured my chapped lips while I was still in Pamplona sometime in January or February. But when I moved to Madrid and was greeted by the cold blowing wind, my lips chapped again. That’s when I got the Liposan which says it’s medicated. It worked and chapped lips are once again gone but since I’ve been constantly using it, I needed to replace it which is why I bought the Carmex with SPF15.

Getting chapped lips was really annoying. After washing my face, my mouth stings all over that I had to quickly rub lip balm to soothe it.

I would have wanted other brands, the ones I saw on the internet which got good reviews. I did research to cure this malady but the brands are not easily available here so I had to make do with the ones I found. 😦


3 responses to “Winter chappiness: the quest for the miracle lip balm

  1. I arrived here winter last year and didn’t have any problems with chapped lips. I had an Etude lip gloss then which aside from its moisturizing powers gives off a lipsticky tint. :* Pero my problem naman that time was the sides of my nose were flaky. I’ve since learned how to remedy that and then this prob nga with chapped lips.
    After I ran out of the Etude lip gloss I bought a lip gloss here which also gives off tint. I love lip glosses that work double as a lipstick. 😉 It has a glossy finish but doesn’t really moisturize the lips. That’s when the harsh wind got to my lips.

    Rissa, yes they do have Blistex here pero ang nabili ko Carmex. The one I just bought with the SPF15 works okay, I guess. After 1 day of usage. 🙂

    Ryah, I don’t think they have Chapstick here e. May hiyang factor din ang mga lip gloss just like what happened to you. There will always be that brand that’s not only our fall back but we are loyal to. 🙂

  2. hi Grizelle, for many years, I’ve been diligent in applying lip balm before I sleep so no more chapped lips for me. I’m used chapstick… when I finished using it just recently, I used one brand from Australia, a pasalubong from a friend, my lips started to chap so I went back to chapstick! 😉 try it, I hope it will work for you, hope it’s available there! 😉

  3. I’m assuming Vaselina is the Spanish version of Vaseline? I was going to recommend that pa naman. My tried and true is Blistex. But the roll-on kind, not the paste-y tube kind. Moisturize the sides of your mouth with your facial moisturizer.

    I was careful with chapped lips when we were in the US. Masakit kasi. hahaha. I hate it. 🙂

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