Of plans and staying positive

I have been missing in action, again in this blog but not in life. It’s certainly not for lack of things to write about that had this blog inactive for the past three weeks. Lack of blog activity means there’s so much going on I can’t sit still to write.


Shortly after my birthday, I had some change of plans that had me worrying and feeling anxious and everything in between. Plans do not always turn out the way we want them to be but in the end, everything fell into place. Fast forward to the start of March and now I’m here in Madrid. 😉


My first week here, which was last week, was devoted to running errands. First on the top of the list was to find a flat and fast. Mission accomplished after two days of staying at a hostel. Lucky me! Found a flat where I’m living with three other Spanish housemates in a well located area in Madrid.

Next was a series of necessary paperwork following my move to the capital. I registered in the municipality of Madrid in a process called empadronamiento. As stated in Spanish law, anyone residing in Spain has the obligation to register at the municipality of residence. This is really an easy process where you need to submit a filled out form, photocopy of your passport and copy of the flat’s contract or a flatmate’s DNI (Spanish ID). In 10 minutes tops I had my empadronamiento.

I also enrolled myself in a Spring Spanish course at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid which starts next month. I seriously need to get back on track with my Spanish and living with three Spanish people who hail from different parts of Spain helps. 😉

The last was the submission of documents for renewing my student visa or NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero). This is done in a police station and here in Madrid, the process takes longer as compared to a small municipality like Pamplona.

That’s basically what transpired during my first week here in Madrid. But something sweet happened over the weekend. Oscar and Carolina were here to do some sightseeing and stayed with me at the flat.



The two went on a tour inside the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. It costs 19€ and for a non-fan like me it’s too much. I sat this one out but with the agreement that I wanna watch a game inside the stadium with them. We have it targeted for 17 May during the finals of the Copa del Rey.



Saturday night we queued for 1 hour 15 minutes for this famous tapas bar and restaurant called Lateral in Fuencarral. A friend of Oscar’s brought us there. Well it was worth the wait the tapas were superb! I loved most especially the mini hamburguesas con reducción Pedro Ximénez (mini hamburgers bathed in sauce made from Pedro Ximénez wine) and the rollito de salmón relleno de jamón york, queso y manzana caramelizada (salmon roll with york ham, cheese and caramelized apple).

Wasn’t able to take any photo since it was devoured within seconds! Yes it deserves that much credit. Didn’t like the patatas bravas though.


Next day we went for the Sandeman’s Europe free walking tour. This was my third time with them, the two previous ones were in Berlin and Prague (yeah yeah I know I still haven’t posted about Prague).


I love Retiro Park. My other option in looking for a flat was to stay near the park so I can be there most of the time. In the end I had to be practical and stay in an area close to where I’ll be going for Spanish classes at UCM.



Sunday we went to the last show of Disney on Ice in Madrid. Especially loved the Peter Pan number because they had Wendy, John and Michael in a harness flying through the streets of London and off to Neverland. Ahhhh childhood. 🙂




My niece Naomi, who just turned one, loves Mickey Mouse. I tagged my sister in a photo I uploaded in Facebook telling her to bring Naomi to a Disney on Ice show.


My initial plan in coming to Spain was to be in Madrid and while it didn’t turn out that way, it did came to fruition after a year’s stay here.

In the next days I look forward to knowing more of my new adopted city and get to know it as close as can be to a real ciudadana.



2 responses to “Of plans and staying positive

  1. Hey cuz! nakakapagod din but it’s fun! 🙂
    I’m in the process of orienting myself moving around Madrid.

  2. dami mo nang naikutan 🙂 Jealous! 😀

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