Turning a year older for 2013

Ever since I got here in Spain, my mom’s fervent prayer is that I encounter kind people.

I have not only encountered them but formed good friendships with them. I must say when one is living abroad, it can be thrilling to get to know a lot of new people. After a few weeks of getting to know these people more, you develop an idea with whom you’d stick more and who you think will be your friends for an even longer time.


I just felt so appreciated during my birthday.
Lola, who has always been affectionate with me, has given me a bracelet with the stones shaped like bears, ositos, as she called them and this really nice pastel color combination of a scarf.



This is my birthday cake I bought for the flat; to be shared among my flatmates.


This makes it my first birthday cake for the day. Ahhh no. This was my second birthday cake. The first one was bought by my parents to celebrate my birthday at home, an ube cake. 🙂


I’ve a third one given to me by my classmates. A chocolate cake from Taberna, a famous bakery chain here in Pamplona. It’s a chocolate cake with little choco shavings all over and inside two layers of chocolate sponge cake is a filling of somewhat grayish color that just added just the right amount of sweetness. Hmmm.. this is the second time I’ve been describing a cake here in my blog (the other one for my Vienna blog where I lovingly described a sachertorte haha.

We all had it for dessert after our dinner at Foster’s Hollywood. I’ve a photo when I was blowing this cake taken with Oscar’s camera. Oscar, my good friend, who planned and started all this. Gonna miss this boy surely.


This surprise started with him picking me up at the flat, handed me earrings shaped that of a wide-brimmed hat in the colors of the Colombian flag. They’re really cute! Can’t wait to wear them. And then we headed to Christian’s flat because he said he needs to get something from him. All that time I was thinking the others must be at Foster’s already.


Enter the flat. Dark. And then surprise surprise!!! 😀

9 people who were individually, and at some point in a chorus, shouting birthday greetings for me.

They handed me a printed photo card with three group pictures and they put their dedications at the back. There was also this neat notebook with Mickey Mouse’s hand. I could certainly find a good use for that.

This was also the part where I had to blow my birthday cake. A photo to follow up once I’ve gotten them from Oscar.


And this is the sweetness overload they’ve given me.

When I was unwrapping this and feeling it in my hands, there was a squishy feel so I exclaimed right away it must be food. Carolina, one of my classmates said “yes, open it!” Lo & behold! Wow, 1kilo+ of gummies! And then I worried a bit there how the hell I was gonna finish all that. I’m not a big consumer of gummies but I do have my favorite: the elongated red with the white filling. 😉
Gluttony and curiosity of how all of them taste like overcame me that it wasn’t really so hard to finish them. I also shared some with my flatmates, Lola most especially who was like a kid gifted with shiny new bike.
It was really a feliz cumpleaños for me. 😀


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