»-(¯`v´¯)-» Valentine’s

Valentine’s evening was spent with this wonderful bunch of people.


I cooked my very easy to prepare chicken teriyaki.


It was just a rather spontaneous dinner. Oscar whatsapped to greet me Feliz San Valentín followed by his usual query of what I was doing. My standard response as of late was looking for an internship. He told me to invite him over at my flat but I said I will come to his flat instead. I then realized I have some ready to fry chicken teriyaki in the ref so I volunteered to cook dinner.


The dinner for two became dinner for their whole flat. Since the chicken teriyaki I have wasn’t enough for all of us, Oscar went to Eroski to buy chicken breasts. He was asking me what dessert to buy and I said whatever he chooses will be fine.

The pack of Hungry Hippo in the group photo below was the dessert he ended up choosing haha. It’s hippopotamus-shaped wafer with a hazelnut filling. Oscar and his sweet tooth. 😉


After dinner, we all gathered at their sofa and started telling ghost stories. Oscar told a very lengthy one and ended up scaring himself so much he refused to sleep alone. He ended up sleeping at Christian’s flat.


Who said Valentine’s should only be all hearts, flowers and chocolates? That’s just all marketing ploy.

Love should be celebrated everyday. 🙂


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