3rd and final installment: Christmas in Vienna

A backlog post from Christmas. The last days at Vienna. This post starts where I left off at Christmas in Vienna (Part II).

After our schnitzel lunch, Patxi didn’t feel like walking much further so he decided to go back to the hostel while I continued with  my sightseeing.

Ended up on the other side of the Schweizerto or Swiss Gate.


Specifically ended up at Maria-Theresien-Platz, where another Christmas Market was in full swing.

This square is situated between the Museum of Fine Arts and the Natural History Museum. The domes of these two museums were the domes captured in the photo I’ve taken of the Swiss Gate inside the Hofburg Palace (see previous blog entry).


The Leberkässemmel on the right caught my attention and made a mental note that  what’s I’ll be having for dinner later. 😉


After 20 pictures or so, I trudged back to the hostel walking towards to what has now become the familiar sight Mariahilfer Straße, Vienna’s most important shopping street.


One of the frustrations of this trip was the early setting of the sun. By 4pm it’s already dark.



With Patxi in tow, we went to Maria-Theresien-Platz. I told him we could try the Leberkäse, which is like a meatloaf-shaped sausage.

The variety is with apple bits or pumpkin. I chose apple while Patxi, pumpkin. The lady also asked us if we want some radish. I said yes but only a bit since it has that wasabi kick. They normally use it as a side dish.

Just looking at the thick slice of meat makes me salivate. 


After our tasty dinner, we looked around the stalls.


I personally like the kitchen chopping boards and the beer candles.


We then crossed the Swiss Gate towards the Rathaus, Vienna’s City Hall. It was fully bathed with golden lights.




How is this for a City Hall huh? Just splendid.


In front, they placed a giant Christmas tree and at its foot was a backdrop of angel wings. We were merely watching people take turns having their pictures taken until Patxi successfully persuaded me into posing too. We took turns as well.



The following day was our last day. To start another day of sightseeing we grabbed breakfast at McDonald’s.


This is actually a typical German breakfast of meats, cheese and bread. Vienna and Germany have a lot in common: the love of meat and breads with seeds of all kinds.

Love love love the bread with black seeds but I forgot what kind of seeds they were. We always eat our breakfast in McDonald’s cos it’s cheaper. 😉


After a filling breakfast, we went to Stadtpark where the golden statue of Johann Strauss awaits.


Spotted a lady feeding the birds by the pond.


We went back to Karlsplatz to check out the places we haven’t seen yet. First stop: the Baroque St. Charles Church.

In front of the church, stalls were being dismantled so apparently there has been a Christmas market here too.


Facing the church on the left was the Vienna museum, which was closed. A couple of statues were at the garden in front.

This one I’m not sure what is it. Since it’s a form of art I’m guessing it’s open to interpretation.


The title of this is: the last of mankind.



The ball on top of Vienna Secession reminded me of the wrapper of Ferrero Rocher. Haha!

Sorry for being a bit uncultured here.

The Vienna Secession was founded by modernist artists who opposed the prevailing conservative style of the Austrian Artists’ Society and formed another association of their own, thus the word secession.


Ferrero and a grumbling stomach brought food into mind. We discovered that we were on the other end of Naschmarket, the most popular market in the city. Perfect! We could grab lunch here.



Aside from the usual market fare of meat, fruits, vegetables and seafood, there are also stores that sell food from around the world such as spices, cheese and baked goods. There are also a couple of restaurants lined up offering international cuisine. There wasn’t any shortage of Asian offerings: there’s Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese among the options.



We settled for something typically Viennese. I ordered roast pork with dumplings served with a side dish of horse radish. I loved it! While Patxi settled for a second try of schnitzel.


As this was our last night, I couldn’t possibly miss out not trying this:



It has become my favorite dessert! Two layers of chocolate sponge cake lathered with apricot jam in between and topped with a dark chocolate coating: Sachertorte ♥. And mind you the sponge cake of a Sachertorte is not the spongy airy chiffon type; it makes use of dense sponge cake, really delectable.


A walk back into the city center stilled filled with Christmas lights and decor, I went in search for a souvenir and settled for my usual trip abroad souvenir: a ref magnet.


Passed by the Opera house to see they are showing an outdoor opera. Lovely.



That concludes my wonderful Vienna trip. The following day we left for our 12:30pm train leaving for Prague.

Hope to put up the Prague New Year’s Edition soon. 🙂


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