Campus transportation of the Philippines

Seeing this on my Facebook news feed gave me that feeling of elation.


My Alma Mater, UST, is sporting the coolest transport in town for its student body.


The bike rental system is called Tutubi (which is grasshopper in Tagalog). Soon there will be lots of tutubis, not hopping, but riding merrily in the campus grounds.

The latest campus transport was launched by the Asian Development Bank of the Philippines (ADB). Please keep on sponsoring projects that benefit the community. I’ve a friend who works for them. Hi Ryah! 🙂


One complaint though. Why couldn’t they have rolled this out while I was still student? 😉


The launch of the UP-DOST monorail a few months back came into mind after seeing UST’s latest bike project.



The monorail runs on electricity and of course bike as a means of transportation is not only environmentally-friendly but also heart-friendly. I continue to be aghast though at the lack of proper bicycle lanes in Metro Manila. I read people have died because of this. I do think some organizations out there are looking seriously into this but not until the government sees it as a priority will it eventually be carried out.

Quite recently in my Facebook news feed (again, it proves to be reliable in keeping me abreast with Philippine current affairs), I’ve seen there was a new bus scheme in Manila. I do hope it’s giving the targeted results and easing traffic congestion in the metro.


So far, I’m very happy with these campus transportation developments in the country. Kudos DOST and ADB for sponsoring these projects! I’m so eager to try both when I come back home.

Sulong Pilipinas! 🙂



3 responses to “Campus transportation of the Philippines

  1. thank you dear! ah tlaga meron din pala sa ADB mismo. may bike lanes ba? not too late naman to learn how to ride a bike, think about it. 😉
    Manila, Manila.. I’m coming back to Manila real soon.

    • yup, staff are encouraged to use bikes especially those who live near ADB. ADB is really supportive about living a “no impact” to the environment kind of lifestyle, which is really cool! 😉 ok then, hope to see you soon Grizelle, take care always, God bless. mwah!

  2. hi Grizelle, belated happy birthday! hope you had a great bday!;) btw, i see those bikes almost everyday at ADB! too bad, i don’t know how to bike! hehe so just doing my share in some other ways! take care, mwah! God bless you always! any plans to visit Manila soon? 😉

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