Movie & Guacamole kind of afternoon

Setting: Rainy Tuesday afternoon in the quiet town of Huarte in Pamplona

Agenda: Watch a movie with some snacks


Naty, my classmate from Costa Rica, has invited me to watch a movie at her flat. This was my second time to be there, the first one was during the class’ last dinner together when the semester ended. Yes I am all done now with school work. Cheers to having no more tests, not having to endure irritating professors and never-ending group works, hurray! 😉

But seriously I didn’t really hate school. Not everything okay.

As I was saying, I was back in Naty’s flat this time to watch a movie. They have a big, like 40 something inch TV and a spacious living room. I thought we can make guacamole which would be perfect for our movie watching. During my first semester over at the German girls’ flat they always have guacamole. I thought I should learn how to make one. Never thought it was this easy I could summarize it as:





and in that order.


Cut the avocados, lemon and onion. The avocado in half, the lemon in quarters and half an onion in tiny pieces.


freshly cut avocados


I bought the avocados and the chips. Naty told me the avocados should be ripe. I didn’t really know how to tell if an avocado is ripe. I resorted to common sense by grasping an avocado firmly to know the texture. I took it that those with a slightly softer feel when grasped are the ripe ones. I was happy my instinct was correct.*pats own self at the back*

Naty also said another way of telling is by looking at the skin’s color. For an avocado, black is the color of ripeness.

The seeds of the avocados would have to be removed of course and scrape them off brownish stuff. Then scoop out the flesh. We used four avocados.


Then the mashing. Add the diced onions to the mashed mixture. Squeeze in one quarter of the the lemon, mix. Squeeze the second quarter of the lemon, mix, add salt and pepper. Taste. We were making sure not to go overboard with the tangy lemon taste. In the end, we were able to use one whole lemon (all four quarters of a lemon cut up).


And a very valuable tip: put some of the avocado seeds back into the guacamole dip. It prevents it from turning brown. 😉 I love sounding like a pro! haha



Some movie snack it turned out to be. Look at our feast!



We even had rose wine brought by yours truly. 😉



Oh and the movie we watched was Looper.


I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This was a sci-fi movie, that entails time travel, full of action but has a philosophical message at the end. Worth watching.



So nice to have finally blogged again after a month’s hiatus. How I’ve missed blogging! Got to get back on track got tons of backlogs to write about. About two months’ worth.



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