Christmas in Vienna (Part II)

After spending Christmas Day in Schönbrunn Palace, the next 2 days we are still in Vienna is dedicated to the city center.

What we have seen so far in the city center is just St. Stephen’s Cathedral but since we passed it again on the 26th why not take some more pictures right?


Here it is at daytime and its rear view.

P1070932 P1070981


In Graben Street, there are plenty of Christmas lights hanging by the streets they will never let you forget it’s Christmas. 😉



Along the same street is a sculpture called Pestsäule or plague column. It was erected as a mercy column of the city’s deliverance from the plague epidemic.



From Graben we went pass Kohlmarkt, a luxurious shopping district where jewelry shops and high-end brands like Gucci, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Burberry are situated.


A couple more steps and we reached Michaelerplatz. This famous square, which is actually not square but circular, directly leads to the Hofburg Imperial Palace whose domes you see in the photo.



See the men in uniform of robes roaming about Michaelerplatz? Those are your ever trusty opera ticket vendors. 😉


By the entrance you will see 4 sculptures, 2 on each side. Facing the entrance to the right is the Sisi Museum and the one to the left is the Spanish Riding School.

P1080058 P1080059


The Spanish Riding School prides itself as the only institution in the world engaged in classical equitation. The riding school makes use of Lipizzan horses who were bred with the use of horses from Spain.


The Hofburg Imperial Palace is the official headquarters of what was then the ruling Habsburg of Europe as well as the winter residence (with Schönbrunn Palace as the summer residence). What was once initially a castle was continuously added to by successive Habsburg rulers which is evident with the different architectural designs employed in each of the wings. And since the palace is really extensive, I haven’t really taken time to inspect each wing so please don’t go asking me in the comments section which architectural design was used in which wing. 😉 Besides, as the usual trade for touristic places which have high maintenance, some sections are not open to the public and need an entrance fee.




Walking straight ahead, directly to my left is Neue Burg, which means New Castle and to my right the Heldenplatz.





Meanwhile here’s a tighter shot of the Neue Burg with a statue of Prince Eugene of Savoy.




And still directly ahead, with the Neue Burg and Heldenplatz to my left and right, is the palace gate called Schweizerto or Swiss Gate. From over it one can see the domes of two museums. More of this later since we chose to pass by Heldenplatz and check out the historical sights that way.







Crossing the Volksgarten leads to the Parliament styled in Greek Revival.







It’s quite interesting to see a break from the typical Gothic of domed edifices in the Inner Stadt (first municipal district) to a Greek one.


Next to the Parliament Building is the Rathaus or City Hall.






All this sightseeing has made us hungry. We headed to look for a place where to grab lunch. The plan was to taste the typical Austrian dish of schnitzel.




In the menu it indicated an adjective before the word schnitzel and only after having eaten what we ordered did we realize that we are eating chicken. Damn… the one patented to Vienna is wiener schnitzel made of veal. Well it doesn’t really matter since we were really hungry and just went in the first restaurant we saw offering schnitzelAnyway it is just really breaded meat, i haven’t noted anything special.


Vienna on foot has a lot to offer the tourist. And the travel blogger haha! This blog entry needs a third installment. 😉



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