Christmas in Vienna (Part I)

My Christmas holiday trip to Vienna and New Year’s Eve in Prague.

I don’t know how to start. I do know it’s gonna take time to put it all together. Should I even mention the bad things that happened? I almost never made it to this trip! Well now, now there’s a story to tell so might as well begin. 🙂


24 December was our flight to Vienna. I was to travel with travel buddy Patxito who is based in Barcelona where our flight to Vienna departs. I went to Barcelona on the 23rd to have one full day of Barcelona touring.

We arrived in Vienna a little before 3pm of 24 December. It was really cold and the only transportation from the airport to the city center was by bus that happens to cost 8euros! Apparently Christmas Eve a lot of stores, shops and restaurants close including the metro so that was the only mode of transportation available to us. We stayed in a hostel called Time Out City Hostel situated by the shopping district called Mariahilfer Straße. For our Christmas Eve dinner we were supposed to dine at Plachutta Gasthaus zur Oper as recommended by Karin, the owner of the hostel when I asked her for an open restaurant during Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, the reservation wasn’t successful because the restaurant is already at full capacity. Looking back, it was okay it ended up that way cos the restaurant seems to be expensive and we are on a budget. 😉


We decided to go to the city center by metro right into Stephensplatz. Upon exiting the station we were greeted by Stephansdom, St. Stephen’s Cathedral.


We strolled down more the city center to admire Christmas décor and find a place to eat. There’s no snow but it was really cold we need to crash by a place where we can sit down and eat. We decided to eat at this Japanese fast food place which was totally unforgettable.


The following day, Christmas Day we went back to Stephensplatz and went inside.



Looks stunning because of the lighting projected on the ceiling.


Outside, men in red, maroon and green robes offer tickets to see an opera.



Wonder if Mr. Cloaked was able to succeed in selling a ticket to the man. 😉


A full day affair was then to take place at the magnificent Schönbrunn Palace.


Upon walking inside we walked right into a sprawling Christmas Market.


Next we just started walking aimlessly into the vast Palace complex.



And found ourselves enjoying the landscape.

We started walking uphill but the walk was nothing short of interesting as we pass by fascinating fountains and sculptures.


P1070761 P1070776


And we started to see snow among the trees! I was thrilled!




I ran up to a tree to have my picture taken. Look ma! A real Christmas tree with some sprinkling of snow.



We have reached the Gloriette without breaking a sweat!



Here’s the view below from the Gloriette. The main palace shown.




Inside the Gloriette’s tall windows is a cafe.




The scenery here is just fascinating. Here are more photos from the Gloriette and surrounding areas.

P1070833 P1070832

P1070813 P1070819


A nice photo I’ve taken of Patxi.



Once we reached back down we look up again to the Gloriette we left a few minutes ago. It is enveloped in fog.




I totally love it. Visiting  Schönbrunn Palace would take an entire day. We just roamed through the complex mostly and avoided going  into the paid areas; we were content enough with splendid surroundings and nature. 😉

There’s the Sisi museum of Austria’s beloved empress and the Imperial Apartments where Emperor Franz Joseph and his Empress Sisi lived. There’s also the Imperial Silver Collection showcasing dining ware and centerpieces during the royal couple’s reign. The oldest zoo in Europe is within the palace grounds along with numerous gardens: English style, botanical, palm house it’s all here.

One word to describe the palace: Impressive.


In the beginning I thought I will just have a cold Christmas but not a white one since it wasn’t snowing in the city center. But going to the Schönbrunn Palace on Christmas Day, I got my wish after all. 😀


2 responses to “Christmas in Vienna (Part I)

  1. Hello Ryah, thanks for dropping by. Happy New Year!
    Make your Eurotrip happen! 🙂

  2. Hi Grizelle, just dropping by to say hello and happy new year! 😉 I wish I could also travel the way you do!! 😉 Enjoy! have a great 2013! xoxoxoxo

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