Dear Diary-ing

I haven’t updated this blog for a month now. Boo!

December 2012 was the toughest month I had in 2012 so please give me some leeway here but that is bound to change this 2013! Well, at least I will try to. Seems everyone is in a perked up mood for the start of another year (me halfway included). This will be a musings blog entry so please back out now if you don’t have the patience and the luxury to lose 5 minutes of your precious time.


2012 in retrospect.

I’ve been blessed so much! I was able to afford to go to take up my MBA in Spain, do some travelling both in Spain and neighboring European countries, practice my Spanish speaking skills first-hand, get to know people of different backgrounds and different nationalities and forge newly-formed friendships.

School-wise, this second semester is grueling. I am about to finish my MBA in four weeks’ time which gives me relief but not without a tinge of sadness. I have gotten used to going to school for the past 10 months, being inside the classroom, seeing familiar faces. We humans are habit-forming creatures so we get a bit emotional when we are nearing an exit in a phase of our lives and feel uncertainties in entering a new one.

Next month, February, which also happens to be my birthday month, will be different. This is the part I haven’t really planned for. In 2011 while planning to go to Spain, I had planned that 2012 is dedicated to Spain and after that I will see how things would go.


So here I am about to finish a milestone in my life and not yet ready to say bye to Spain or to Europe (still so many places to visit and explore). So to say, I am extending my stay in here in Spain for a couple more months to do an internship. For which company? That is yet to be determined. I am hoping to find one suited to my profile which means it has to be fun and a place to learn. Those are the requisites and yes fun is always a factor. 😉


Pensive mood, definitely. Always have been every new year. Maybe especially now cos there’s nothing concrete at the moment but I still maintain a positive outlook.



I have been spending New Year’s Eve two years in a row in different countries.

The picture to the left was NYE 2012 in Singapore and the recent picture to the right was taken in Prague. That blog entry about Prague will be posted right up! 🙂


new year 2012new year 2013


It has occurred to me that this will be my little NYE tradition: to have my photo taken with a New Year party hat. 🙂


The future is uncertain but certainly not bleak.


Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there with open arms and open eyes yeah.

– Drive





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