Twinings – tea time!

I have finally bought me some good tea. The past two weeks, I was cannibalizing Anna’s supply haha. Anna is my classmate from Ucraine and is now living a few blocks away from Foro. The little free time we had, we were able to squeeze in some time to catch up and just lounge around her flat.




I went to El Corte Ingles this afternoon just to look around. I remembered that Anna got her Twinings there so I dropped by their supermarket. I even ran into Maria Luisa who I was with last night. I borrowed her calculator and gave her the 2nd book of the Fifty Shades trilogy. She just finished with the 1st book which she was reading while on vacation in Thailand.

Going back to the business of tea, the female protagonist of the story – Anastasia Steele, loves Twinings. Just thought I might share cos there’s a connection about the brand of tea and the book trilogy I was talking about. 😉


When I was at the counter about to pay for the tea they placed a couple of tin can biscuits by the counter which were selling at a promotional price of 1.75€. Talk about timing! I was buying tea and these galletas are perfect! So I got me one.


I already made a mental note to buy me some exquisitely designed biscuit tin cans. My casera has several. What I have in mind is a painting of Vienna or Paris, something that has a good European vibe or anything that evokes nostalgia.


I like drinking tea at a leisurely pace though I surely can’t have that now. It would have to serve me for stress alleviation. I’ve had a tough week. Classes in the morning and group works in the afternoon, everything accounting and finance related. But I have an awesomely brilliant team! With their help I just might graduate LOL!

I’m so looking forward to the long weekend of Todos Los Santos! I need a break.


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