Martintxo y Juevintxo

It has been three weeks since the semester started and I have been bogged down by group work already for an Accounting subject. But thank God it’s group work! haha

We haven’t all been goody goody and just studying all the time. We like to have our fun too and have been going out for martintxos for two straight weeks.

The first one last week was a get-together of sorts to know one another. Tuesday this week, we watched the 2014 World Cup Qualifying Match between Spain and France.


So just what is this martintxo and juevintxo here in Pamplona?


Spain is famous for its tapas culture where people congregate in bars to have snacks over a vino o cerveza. The tapas variety here in the north, País Vasco and Navarra, are called pintxos being that the layer of food is held together by a toothpick (pintxo in Basque language).






















Normally a pintxo sells for about €1.80 – €2.10  and ordering vino o caña (which is a small glass of beer) is about €2.40. That will set you back almost €5 for food and drinks. Pero cada martes y juevesy  (every Tuesdays and Thursdays), a pintxo that comes together with a vino o caña is just €2!!! That’s why we loveee it! The offer starts from 7pm until about 11:30pm.



We often hang out at the Calle Estafeta, where the bull run also takes place during Sanfermines, cos that’s where the bars are. Tonight, Jueves, I go out for some juevintxos but not with fellow students from Foro but with my friend Maria Luisa who got back from Thailand 2 weeks ago. We got some catching up to do.


¡Viva los martinxos y juevintxos!


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