Second Chapter of MBA

This whole week was a combination of new things for me.

For starters, Monday, 1 October, marked the first day of my second semester at Foro Europeo. The semester that is laden with all finance and accounting stuff which hindered me from taking this semester in Spanish. But as luck would have it, our schedule from Monday to Thursday was Curso Introductorio a la Contabilidad (Introduction to Accounting) and it will be in Spanish! The first day I was holding out fine, it was a review of what I learned way back in High School. But Day 2 – 4 were giving me headaches already haha. Anyway, the coming week we are to start all our subjects in English. After all, I am taking this semester in English.


Today, Friday was the Presentation of the Full-time Masters Programs (MBA-English, MBA-Spanish and Human Resources). Like the previous sem, I had another round of orientation with a new batch of students. As everything was being conducted in Spanish, we also had to introduce ourselves in Spanish. Well just before coming to school I bought myself coffee to prevent myself from being sleepy. What coffee normally does to me is give me heart palpitations and as soon as my turn to introduce myself was approaching, my heart started palpitating. Nervous much eh? A bit. But the coffee heightened it. I can carry on well with introductions, after all, what do I don’t know about myself right? When I’m grappling for info to say that’s when I normally encounter problems speaking Spanish.


We also started working on a case given to us a few days ago which we have to do in teams. I know the drill: they give the case in advance, we study it individually and on the day of discussion each group is provided with a set of questions that we are going to discuss among ourselves. This early on I’d say my group members and I would mesh along well. There’s only four of us in the group whereas the last time we were six but its because there are fewer students taking the MBA in English this time.


In the afternoon, we had some group picture-taking and there was also a lunch of pintxos provided. Here are pictures of the gathering we had at the cafetería.




The old guards. 🙂  Too bad Anna wasn’t around.






This week of All-Spanish really helped me loosen up my tongue speaking Spanish. A lot were commending me for it. Am really happy 🙂


I am expecting this semester to be really intense. I might not be able to update my blog regularly but I will try my best hoping that the computations and analyses to come won’t dry my brain out.


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