Half an orange


I wanna get to know this man – mi media naranja. This is the Spanish translation for better half. Translated literally it means half an orange.


This expression traces its origin to a Greek legend written by Plato in his work The Banquet. Humans have double of the body parts they have and are connected through their backs so these are like conjoined twins. They have a spherical shape (just like an orange) and are said to be powerful beings. These conjoined humans could either be man-man, woman-woman or man-woman. They started to think they are perfect beings and started behaving like gods eventually leading to a face-off with the actual gods. This angered Zeus and split them into two with his lightning bolt but the cut didn’t turn out perfectly. He then commanded Hermes, the messenger of the gods, to tie the excess skins by the navel. Since then people have been running on their quest to find their other half.


Feeling he went overboard with the punishment Zeus had mercy to order Hermes to have these halves face the same way as their sexes. This way when they do find their media naranja they could enjoy sexual pleasure.

From this punishment, the human race is condemned in finding their better half and by enclosing them in a tight embrace would make them feel whole again (just like a whole orange). origen de la expresión “media naranja”


See? We were condemned pala! No wonder all these Facebook relationship status. Ending the condemnation would mean having found the media naranja. I’m sure to give my media naranja all the squeezing in the world! But where the heck in the world are you? Zeus surely didn’t make it easy.


One response to “Half an orange

  1. He will come at the right time, in the right place 😉

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