Permed for Autumn


Fall is here! I suspect this will become my favorite season if it weren’t for all the rain it’s been dumping on Pamplona so far. I’m looking forward to experiencing all those beautiful autumn leaves on the ground.

That will be enough autumn talk cos I want to talk about my hair.


This was taken two days ago by the walls of Redin inside the walled city of Pamplona.


Born with naturally straight hair, there comes a time when you would like to style your hair curly or wavy. I realized this is what I’ve been doing for my past two graduation ceremonies – my Bachelor’s and my MBA (ok this one I officially finish in January 2013).


That time has arrived. I’ve permanently permed my hair.


This is my autumn look. Depends on the rebelliousness of my naturally straight hair, my curly locks will last me about 4 to 6 months.


I admit that the turnout wasn’t really what I had in mind as I was aiming for bigger curls but at least it didn’t turn out bad either.


My straight locks weren’t high maintenance. Besides the usual shampoo and conditioner, I’ve only used an anti-frizz serum cos the cold weather when I arrived here was messing my hair. But now this high maintenance locks I’m sporting means buying additional hair products formulated for permed/curly hair.


Looking back I wasn’t experimenting much on hairstyles. When I cut my hair short as in just-below-the-ear short three years ago, it was a validation of what I already knew for a long time: short hair doesn’t suit me. Plus it’s high maintenance cos I need to blow-dry it after washing so it wouldn’t fly away (spell tikwas).

Funny, this morning I was surprised seeing myself in the bathroom mirror. I am kulot na nga pala!




One response to “Permed for Autumn

  1. Hi Grizelle, nice new look! 😉 I want to curl my hair too! hopefully this time, I will really do it! need some more months to grow my hair longer… 😉 have a great week!

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