Spain and its lost generation

The Eurozone crisis is still not over. Companies are folding up, people are losing jobs, tax on goods and services just went up and the lack of opportunities for the youth. This is Spain at the moment.


Generation Lost

The article was depressing. Here you are a recent graduate raring start in your chosen career but you can’t, no one would hire you. If you are desperate enough you can always persist, or rather insist, and you will be given work but without pay or in other cases, you are even the one to pay (consider it training they say *snort).



I feel for this lost generation here. They haven’t even begun yet with their independent adult life but it all comes crashing already. The conditions aren’t right. They want work they have to seek it some place else. Hey this sounds familiar… the plight of my country though is not the same with the youth here (we have to thank call centers for that and the ability of Filipinos to speak good English) but more of professionals seeking greener pastures abroad.


In theory this is the generation that could have everything going for them. Beginning in their teens they have been surrounded by gadgets and spend a great deal of time on the internet. They are bridging the gap between the old and new technology. How could there not be jobs for them? Yes there is more to that gap, a loophole too big that just swallows any stopgap that comes its way.

Smells of bad policies, bad politics, bad politicians.



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