That song in my head

I was inside Eroski Supermarket doing my groceries while listening to the radio in my iPod. Favorite song starts to play. I freeze and paid close attention to the lyrics flipping out my cellphone to write them down. I move forward a bit when I sensed someone from behind will be passing through. Suddenly the reception goes haywire. I went back to the spot with good reception to enjoy the rest of the song in company of  jars of asparagus, piquillo peppers, canned green peas and sweet corn kernels.


Once back at the flat and facing my laptop, I was confident this time. I’ve more lyrics to uncover this mystery song.


It’s a song by Keane! Surprise written all over my face. I couldn’t believe it!

“Silenced by the night” is the song’s title. I recover my surprise and looked for the music video.


I have been listening more to the radio now so I would know more Spanish songs. When I heard this song previously, it was in passing. I was on my way home from my Spanish tutoring session. Somehow after I heard it, the melody lingered though I didn’t know the lyrics.


My first guess was that it could be Brandon Flowers from The Killers but googling the just teeny portion of the song which was just the two words I recalled from the chorus, “rise again” didn’t help. My other guess was too far out already. Muse.

Keane has redeemed itself in my ears. I didn’t enjoy their hit “Somewhere Only We Know.” Alright, it’s a good song I know but it annoyed the hell out of me during it’s popularity. It’s just one of those songs that got under my skin. While I was in Barcelona with Patxi we even talked about Keane. He told me that the band will be having a concert here in Pamplona.


I messaged Patxi about my current fave song of Keane and that I probably will go to their concert provided I can check out if they have other songs that suit my liking. He replied with a top ten link of Keane songs.


Another shock! I know “Everybody’s Changing” and “Spiralling.” Heck I even had Spiralling  in my iPod before complete with that album’s cover photo only I wasn’t able to associate it with the Keane who sang Somewhere Only We Know. These two songs by the way sound different. Spiralling is synthpop while Somewhere Only We Know is piano rock so you have to forgive my idiocy here. I’ve always thought that Keane was a singer, not a band!


But that was then. This is now. HAHA! I will be there at their concert! 😉



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