Puppy ♥

I love puppies. This post has to be taken in the literal sense. This is gonna be dog talk. None of that first love stuff.


What I love about dogs are their extreme loyalty. My dad is also fond of dogs. He treats him like his children even making cooing sounds when they’re still puppies and punishes them when they do something unpleasant. Our Chelsea is a crossbreed of half Japanese Spitz and chow chow. I miss her. I don’t have a photo of her here in my laptop, shame. She has more spitz in her than chow. She has white fur but she has a rounder snout owing to her chow mix. Her tongue though could be said to be equally mixed as she has splotches of purple from her chow side. Lovely girl. She barks loudly, a personality my dad loves in a dog as they are able to double as watchdogs although she’s cowardly with bigger dogs.

She has developed rashes so my parents don’t let her in the house now. It’s our fault we didn’t have her vaccinated. All our dogs were just given to us by family or neighbors and we normally feed them leftover food. We’re not a rich family who would buy dog food and have our pet regularly checked by a vet. Though with Chelsea we began mixing her diet when she was well into her 20th year. She was fed both leftovers and dog food.


Why all this sudden dog talk? Well here in Spain, people normally take out their dogs for a walk. Whenever I see an adorable one it reminds me of my plan to get me a golden retriever when I have my own family. Yes that’s right. I will acquire one before having a baby and my children will grow together with the retriever. The only downside I consider to this is when the dog eventually dies. That would be hard for my kids to take. There’s that scene in Marley & Me and it just really tugged at my heart.


Another favorite dog breed is the Siberian Husky. For me, it’s the most handsome dog with its penetrating blue eyes. But it’s a high maintenance dog and not one I think will be able to mesh well with my family life. 😉


This next dog I’ve come to know about only sometime last year when a Japanese colleague posted in Facebook her very lovely Shiba Inu.



Her dog is really sweet and we all can’t help but coo her dog from pictures haha. No that’s not her dog in the picture. This is something taken from the net.


It’s also the perfect size and wouldn’t take up as much space as a retriever. Though I wouldn’t mind acquiring a spacious enough backyard for my future retriever to accommodate its retrieving nature. Would be cool to play catch. Ah the notion is thrilling me. 🙂


2 responses to “Puppy ♥

  1. Glad we have some common interests Lisa. I checked your blog out and said hello 🙂 Thanks for dropping by here. All the best to your interesting experiment. 🙂

  2. Hello!!
    Don’t freak out and think I am crazy, trying to make you buy into a pyramid scheme or am an imprisoned prince looking for bail money!
    My name is Lisa Hutchison and I have a blog called ‘Forcing myself happy’ –Basically I will be doing one thing to make me happy every day for 6 months. Today the challenge was ‘Make new friends with the same interests as you’! I noticed that you had one of the same interests as me and so am asking you to be my friend! 😀 I know this sounds bonkers. But it would be lovely if you could go to my blog and leave a wee comment saying hello.
    Thanks. Your potential new friend Lisa! 😀 hehe

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