Germany big city hopping: Düsseldorf and Cologne

City Stop for 1 August: Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is quite the posh city. And among the most expensive cities in Deutschland.


This is Königsallee noted for it’s landcaped canal and dotted on both sides with luxury retail stores.


Actually I regret not having ever taken a photo of one of the streets showcasing high-end fashion labels we passed by. Cos that’s what Düsseldorf was about: luxury shopping.


Though I do have an Instax photo by the Abercrombie & Fitch store with one of their hunky dudes whose job is to pose with girls. I’m not really thrilled to have taken a photo with him though I know some friends from Pinas would be. That would be Pox & Rod definitely haha.


Shopping aside, I did experience what is considered a normal tourist spot which is the Burgplatz or the embankment promenade by the Rhine. I have some cool photos to boot with my German gals Mely and Sandra. 🙂


bars line up the Rhine embankment


It was a hot summer day in Düsseldorf and my thirst quencher was non other than Altbier, the local beer brewed and native to Düsseldorf.


City Stop for 2 August: Cologne

Ahh.. this is the day I was semi-acting like a kid as I can’t contain my excitement of the goodies that await. The goodies that await is one entire museum:  The Chocolate Museum (Schokoladenmuseum).


Meet the chocolate lady and the chocolate fountain. She is the modern-day Santa Claus; giving away chocolate-soaked wafers to anyone passing by.


And here I am at one of the fountains I truly adore.


From the history of chocolate, how the cacao beans are harvested, the process of turning the beans into chocolate, all very informative and interesting info are here. Lots of activities for the kids too.


kids molding & decorating their own chocolates

One can also request personalized chocolates with toppings to your liking. From different kinds of nuts, dried fruits and even gummy bears, the selection is yours for the taking.



Upstairs are cool vintage chocolate ads and other chocolate memorabilias.


The museum’s chocolate store was awesome. Didn’t know that Lindt produces soooo many flavors.


And who would dare eat this one?


After two hours of chocolate sightseeing, it’s time to leave the museum for some real food. I left with at least a bar of chocolate in hand as pasalubong for Patxi. I’ll be seeing him in Barcelona once I’m back in Spain.



This is how German as it gets. Enjoying our bratwursts by the Rhine.


On our way to the bridge, we passed by St. Martin’s quarter.


Looks like a castle from afar but that is actually a church. You know how grand churches were those days especially with their towers. Right in front are medieval houses. The backdrop of the houses with the church just looks so good in a photo.


We have arrived at the destination bridge: Hohenzollernbrüke.


This bridge must be pretty strong. It supports two trains and kilo after kilo of steel as more love locks are chained to it.


Back and forth we crossed the Hohenzollern bridge.


Now tasting time again.

If Düsseldorf has it’s Altbier, Cologne has it’s Kölsch beer.


Kölsch has a lighter color and tastes more or less like an ordinary beer. From my recollection, the Altbier was much stronger. Also made me feel it has more nutrients cos of the darker color. I was thinking the case may be the same with brown and white sugar. The darker one has more nutrients. 😉


Now I couldn’t leave Cologne without a picture of it’s Cathedral or Dom (in German) can I? How can I miss it when it’s just right next to the Hauptbahnhof or Central Station of the city.


For a fee, one can actually go up one of its towers but after that afternoon of walking around the city, I didn’t think it would be worth it to climb up. Besides I’ve already seen a pretty good view of the city.

With this I bid Cologne tschüs 🙂



3 responses to “Germany big city hopping: Düsseldorf and Cologne

  1. Hola mi amiga guapa! 😉 weather is better now, no more floods, atleast around my area… I hope Helen will not be as strong as Gener. Take care too! God bless. mwah!

  2. Hola guapa! ¿Qué tal? 🙂
    Travel in Germany was fantastic but now I’m back in the heat of summer in Spain. On the other hand, I wish monsoon there in pinas won’t be so fierce anymore. Take care Ryah 🙂

  3. hi grizelle, it’s been awhile since I last visited your site, i’ve been missing a lot! so happy seeing you living THE LIFE! 😉 take care dearie, God bless you even more! 😉

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