Hello! How’s life?

Some dose of inspiration. The Holstee Manifesto has pretty summed up how life should be lived.


It’s an easy enough formula but one that we forget often. Or maybe we just really choose to because we succumb to insecurities and feed negativities that devour our energy. Or it could also be that you feel you’re so full of responsibilities you cannot live life as you please.

The “if you don’t like your job, quit” isn’t easy for those whose families depend on them. The quitting the job part would have to be consulted with the partner and could be another problem if the partner doesn’t think it’s a good idea. The economic outlook in most countries aren’t exactly on the bright side either so sometimes staying put is an easier pill to swallow. But there might come a day when you just wanna shout f**k you to your boss and walk out the door haha! But hey this last scenario is best left to comedy film scripts than in actual life okay!


I do most of what’s on the list but I might run into a problem asking the next person I see what their passion is and to share my inspiring dream to them is well, uncomfortable, especially if just out of the blue I do this to a stranger. I can think of at least 12 responses I can get from doing this and they’re not exactly reactions I would like to be getting. Seriously the only way I think I can pull this off is when I’ve had a bit of a drink.


Travel Often. I do. I heed that call often.

Live your dream. I’m living one now and definitely wearing my passion.

Life is short. I have recently been reminded of this with the passing away of a professor from my MBA Program three days ago. We went to his funeral yesterday. He was the jolliest person I’ve ever known, always has that goofy smile on his face. He was selected by our class to be our padrino in the graduation ceremony. We have forever in our hearts his immortal words that he constantly reminded us of whenever arguments would break out with each person focusing only on driving his points across, “I can see your point.” Descansa en paz, Ramón Gaztelu.



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