News is social, has always been

Ever since I was in university, I have come to acquire this habit of watching the news. Well, that time I was aspiring to become a TV news reporter so there was a thirst to be always updated. My choices had led me away from that initial aspiration (no regrets fyi) but that habit of news watching stuck with me. When I worked in Singapore from 2010 – 2011, the only constant program I watch in TFC (The Filipino Channel) is TV Patrol. That’s how I keep up with news from the Philippines.


This year that I am in Spain, for my daily dose of news I look no further than watching the Television Espanola‘s Telediario at 3pm. Sadly, more and more bad news await the Spanish following last weeks announcement of budget cuts and the increase of IVA (goods and services tax) from 18% to 21%. The latest headlines to splash today is the economy’s continued contraction well into next year with the double whammy of high unemployment rate. La economía se contraerá el año que viene un 0,5% y el paro seguirá por encima del 24%


On the Philippine side, I get updated every time I check my Facebook and see news feeds from Rappler. I click on the news links I find worth reading to get the whole story. This was how I got updated with a famous comedian’s death, Dolphy, lovingly dubbed as the King of Comedy and of more recent, the news of the Philippines sending its biggest warship in Scarborough Shoal to face 8 Chinese fishing boats. PH’s 1st ‘mistake’ in Scarborough


Rappler even has a mood meter.


That’s the social media part of an online news. Everyone can pitch in their thoughts and in the case of the mood meter, gauge their sentiments.


I really like Rappler. It’s CEO, Maria Ressa, is one of the most respected journalists in and outside the Philippines (she was formerly CNN’s correspondent in Asia). She came back in Philippine News as news chief of ABS-CBN in 2004 and resigned early 2011. It was only recently that I found out she was behind Rappler! I remember vividly when she was still with ABS-CBN, she explained the reason behind the segment Citizen Patrol. This segment is where citizens can report on issues concerning their neighborhood. Even then she was always after engaging the public. I am happy to know that post-ABS she is still doing what she loves to do AND, in an updated media format. 😉


I may have not gone into hardcore news reporting but I am still able to do my own reporting (somewhat) by ‘sharing’ the news in social networking sites (most of the time Facebook) and adding my own comments. People in my network may add in their own comments where it can spiral into an open discussion. News is more social, digital and mobile in this sense. The technology has enabled everyone to become a reporter.


Facebook share button

News will remain to be one of my interests. In fact, my current work is part of the social media sphere in what I would describe as the profitable side of news. 😉



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