OST fishing

Two days back I watched Salmon fishing in the Yemen. I believe this movie was shown in PH and SG early this year but this has just been released recently here in Spain. Usually a theatrical release here is delayed by a month because of the dubbing. This by the way, I didn’t watch in a cinema. I still refuse to watch a Hollywood movie dubbed in Spanish, which means a marathon of all 2012 Hollywood movies I missed once I return to Manila yo! I like Ewan McGregor and believe he’s really a fine actor so that lent the movie enough credibility for me to download and watch it.




This is a feel-good movie and one about chasing dreams. [SPOILER ALERT] A sheikh hooked on salmon fishing wanted to transport salmon from British waters to be cultivated  in the arid climate of Yemen. A grandiose and ambitious project, it reminded me of those times when man wanted to build castles, fortresses so high it would reach the skies.


I would be discussing the movie no more because it’s the song I heard at the ending credits of the movie I found most especially delightful. You see watching movies are also good for discovering songs worthy of hearing pleasure. “Where you go” by The Young Romans. Ahh.. now that’s my flavor of the week. It had me with its opening instrumental of keyboards and light guitar strumming (suddenly I sound like a music expert haha pls comment and correct me if i’m wrong with my description ha). That easy-breezy feel stuck. I enjoyed the song and checked out the title towards the ending credits where they list the soundtrack.


Real music! Real musicians! None of those synthesized, mostly R&B song I hear nowadays.



Give me your story, I’ll give you mine… 


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