La Roja campeones de la Eurocopa 2012

The Euro Cup has recently concluded with Spain taking  home the crown!!! That’s 4-0 against Italy baby!


They played like real champions!


I watched it in the Plaza del Castillo. Initially I planned to catch it at home but 2 days ago I noticed they put up a stage in the Plaza and I was sensing it might be for the Euro Cup or it could be for Sanfermines. So before going back to my flat from church, I decided to stop by to see if they were really showing it there. The crowd was starting to gather in anticipation of the match! I then went home to grab a scarf (it was 16° and by the end of the match it went down to 13°) and decided to watch it along with other spectators.

Back in 2010 during the World Cup I was rooting for Spain simply because it’s Spain and I’m biased for anything Spanish but now, I have every respect for the team. Whenever they play, there is no big man out there in the field. They always play by teamwork, each one stepping up to do his part. They represent well the saying “the whole is more than the sum of its parts.”


I was comfortably stationed by the Plaza’s Kiosk.


The rightmost side of the Kiosk above is the central point from which you can watch the game. A few meters from that part is where they mounted a huge screen for the game.


This picture here is a product of my being thick-faced haha. Let me explain. I was acting like a kid about to throw a tantrum cos I didn’t have anything to show my support for Spain. I would have wanted to wave a Spain scarf but I haven’t bought one yet and this was the perfect opportunity to use it. I have a Spain jacket but I left it back in the Philippines. My only choice was face paint seeing a lot wearing it but where to get it?


Right below in front of me were a group of girls with full face paints of the Spanish colors red and yellow. During half time, I called out to one of the girls and asked her if she has the face paint. She quickly called out to her mother and within seconds her mother was in front of me and with arms outstretched, lent me the red and yellow face crayons. Yay! I was so happy! The experience was complete. 😀


Feeling truly fortunate and grateful I am here during a major football tournament which ended up really sweet with Spain winning!



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