more football please: Euro Cup 2012

Once again football has taken centerstage as my source of entertainment.

The first matches began during my last week of school (read: hell week finals). I was absorbed with school stuff in the afternoons but come evening it is my reprieve from all that studying.


I’m really happy with the way Germany is playing. I usually watch the matches in the german gals’ flat and the conversation would follow that Germany would make it all the way into the semis/finals until they face Spain. In the last Euro Cup in 2008, Spain beat Germany and in the semifinals of the 2010 World Cup they did the same. Somehow the Spanish players know how to play against Germany.

Germany vs KNVB Euro 2012


And this is why I was so relieved that Spain was able to maintain its lead in the group stage. After playing shitty for 87 minutes last night, they finally scored their lone goal against Croatia in the 88′. It was also a relief that goal attempts by Croatia were blocked successfully by goalkeeper el capitán Iker Casillas. This means the dream match of another Spain vs Germany in the finals is alive!


Spain vs Croatia Euro cup 2012


Spain has to shape up though. I think the Selección Española do not have a dependable striker (sorry Torres doesn’t cut it for me though he contributed half of the 4 goals against Ireland). Whereas with the German team, I’m really confident of Mario Gomez ♥.

With that said, I think I will be torn between these two great teams should they face each other, once again, in the finals.

Deep inside though I will always bleed.. RED. 😉


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