Grad ceremony in the middle of my masters

3 days ago was the graduation ceremony of the Master en Dirección de Empresas Internacional. It was held in Palacio Castillo de Gorraiz tucked at an elevation in the mountains providing an overlook of Pamplona.



I have only completed one semester so far and I’ve graduated already!

Well not really. Let me tell you why.


The school offers the ceremony only once a year – in June. For those who started in October, like the rest of my classmates, they’ve followed the normal course where graduation comes next after you’re done with all your units. For me and a few others who started in February, this means joining a graduation ceremony in the middle of our two semesters.

My graduation ceremony, therefore, is held six months in advance of my actual MBA completion.


I’ve been told that the reason there’s no separate graduation ceremony for us  is because we finish in winter. Not a good time to hold a graduation ceremony.

Anyway, it’s a good way to say goodbye to my classmates who I have been with for one semester. Come October I will have a different set of classmates.


And now to get the ball rolling for summer which officially starts in 3 days. I will be dedicating it to the improvement of my spoken Spanish and of course there’s the occasional travels. Eurotrip!! 😉



One response to “Grad ceremony in the middle of my masters

  1. it’s been awhile since i visited your blog, dami ko ng namiss! advanced congratulations Grizelle! 😉 P.S. I like your tan! 😉

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