Token of appreciation

Yesterday we were given our certificate of participation by INAP (Instituto Nacional de Administración Pública) of the Government of Navarra for the English Conversation Group.



Together with the certificate came some token of their appreciation: a notepad, pen and a keychain with the Reyno de Navarra stamped at the back. Now ain’t that sweet! I love receiving such giveaways.


And now our photo op. Patxi, the one in green shirt, is the one in charge of trainings for the employees of the local government. Luka, on the far right, is the coordinator of student affairs in my school.

Missing in this photo is Anna, our classmate from Ukraine.


This goes to show that it’s really not about the money, money, money (breaks out into Jessie J’s Pricetag).
If you are appreciated for what you do, the feeling is priceless (no pun intended). It was a pleasure doing this volunteer work as I got to know more people from Pamplona. In fact, I’m set to do an intercambio with some of them this summer. More of this intercambio in my future posts. 🙂

I even haven’t hit the beach yet but I started to notice how tanned I look in my pictures nowadays. Don’t you think so?


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