Wanted: Foro Europeo International MBA

Two Fridays ago I was in the Navarra newspaper.



This was the 18 May edition of Diario de Navarra where Foro Europeo ran this one whole page advertisement.

These photos were taken exactly a month before they were published in the newspaper. During the photo session, they told us the photos will be used for promotional materials of the business school. Still, I didn’t expect I’ll be featured in the newspaper because all along I was thinking my face will be plastered in brochures haha!


Last week, I felt so embarrassed when one of my professors approached me to tell me how cute I was in the Foro Ad. I asked her where she saw it. She said that the school showed her so I was thinking maybe that was the rough draft of the MBA brochure.

The next day Sandeep, my classmate from India, told me we both appeared in a newspaper ad of Foro. He learned it from his flatmate who works at the hospital. That was when I was able to put two and two together; this was what my professor was referring to when she saw me in the Foro ad – it was an ad in the newspaper! He said he’ll try to get hold of a copy and today he passed me the electronic copy. I was glad my face only occupied a small portion of the ad. My initial worry was that they will be putting my picture prominently. Good thing our class photo took center stage. 🙂


Here’s the whole page ad.




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