In the middle of school deadlines and summer plans

Three weeks to go and my first sem will be through!

A quick run down of things I need to do:

Write individual paper for Global Context class due Thursday! Haven’t really decided which of the six topics our professor gave us to write about.

Group work for Strategy for Managers comparing Starbucks market of Colombia and The Philippines

Plus four case studies this week.



So it’s actually bad timing to get sick which, unfortunately, is what has happened. Sore throat by Wednesday, Thursday the sore throat was giving way to colds and now I’m constipada.

Constipada in Spanish refers to clogged nose while it may seem to translate in English as constipated, it is actually not an accurate translation. Constipated in English or lack of bowel movement is referred to as estreñido in Spanish. With that said, constipada and constipated are falsos amigos, false friends. These pair of words are similar in appearance and pronunciation but have an entirely different meaning.


Anyway, I need to plan within the week. I need to start looking where I could take up Spanish conversation classes and then plan my Eurotrips in between. Plus Sanfermines is just a little over a month away!

Verano is approaching fast!



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