Champions League Finals 2012

No Spanish team in the finals. Boo. Both Real Madrid and FC Barcelona lost to Bayern and Chelsea so it was these two teams that faced each other in the finals. Which team now would I be supporting? Initially none but for some reason what got me to watch was…


Saturday, 19 May, we headed to Otano Bar an hour early before the match to get a table. We were lucky to have found one near the screen where they are showing the game. I arrived with the German gals and they were pointing out Germans inside the bar haha. Two elderly German couples were in a table in front of us. The girls were telling me that in Munich where the game is being held, has an ecstatic atmosphere.


We had a few pinchos and coke before the game started. The first half, I was impressed with Bayern’s defense though they were not able to score any goal. In the second half, the goal drought ended when Bayern was able to score a goal in the 83rd minute but the bad thing is, this was very short-lived as Chelsea scored by the 88th minute.

There was more Chelsea supporters in the bar including the waiters so when Drogba scored a goal, they started playing a dance tune.

With the scored tied 1 – 1, the game went into overtime but the score didn’t budge. Next came the penalty shoot-out with a horrible outcome: Bayern lost!

Interestingly, this was the first time I’ve seen the whole process of what goes on after the overtime and the winner is still not decided. Halfway in the penalties, it was still a tight match. Drogba’s turn came kicking to the left which Bayern’s goalkeeper anticipated to be coming to the right. This spelled the game’s end. The winning match for Chelsea was credited to Drogba having also scored the lone goal that tied the game.


This dude here with arms outstretched in victory broke my heart for not winning the game.

Mario Gomez - Bayern Munich


This shot was taken right after a goal he scored against Real Madrid during the semis. He did an epic turn here which I perceived to be arrogant. But after awhile he just started growing in me that I was so keen in watching the finals.

His name is Mario Gomez. I now have a “real” reason to watch football. I’ve found my football crush! I thought it would be coming from a Spanish team, but at least he’s half Spanish. If that counts. Whatever. 😉



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