Polvorón, same crumbling different filling

On my trips to the grocery I always include snacks as I take some to class with me. Most of the time I buy bizcocho de yogur, a chocolate bar or chocolate flavored biscuits. In addition, I always have a jar of nutella as my spread and my favorite cereal has to be chocolate. Chocolate is very much part of my daily diet.


And then comes one of those days when you get fed up with all these chocolate-flavored snacks so when I saw a pack of polvorón at a sale price of €2, I grabbed one. The pack contains about 18 pieces.




OMG I didn’t like the taste! It’s not really horrible, maybe they like it that way here but I just didn’t like it. There’s an empowering extract in it. Tasted something of a cross between vanilla and cinnamon. I looked at the list of ingredients and saw it has extract of rosemary. I’m guessing that was it.

This has made me miss mareng Goldilocks!

This Pinoy dessert store is the maker of the iconic polvorón which is a favorite “pasalubong” (take-home snack) of parents to kids. Overseas Pinoys usually bring with them a pack of two before leaving The Philippines. I was one of those 😉


Actually polvorón here in Spain and the Philippines is very different. They only share the same name as it quickly crumbles into polvo or dust when eaten.

Spanish polvorón is made with lard whereas the Pinoy counterpart is made from butter or margarine with powdered milk.


I have eaten three pieces of this polvorón so far and now I’m finding out I’ve been ingesting pig fat all along. Ewww. I’ll probably toss the rest of the pack in the trash.



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