Tuesdays with Grizelle

I did something new yesterday afternoon.

I was at the Government of Navarra to conduct an English conversation class.


Two weeks ago we met with two government representatives and they briefed us on what we have to do. It will be a one hour conversation class to be attended by government employees who want to practice speaking English. This will be a group no bigger than ten people with each person coming from different sectors of the government.

We were four people in our class who were asked if we were interested in volunteering for this project. Me and my classmates from Ukraine, Australia and India all agreed to do it. This is actually the first time our school, Foro Europeo Escuela de Negocios de Navarra, and the government of Navarra collaborated on such an initiative.

Each of the four of us were given a day of the week to conduct the class. I am scheduled to facilitate the class every Tuesday afternoon. For this week, the first time we will all be doing it, Luka who is the coordinator of Foro Europeo for this endeavor will be accompanying us.


Early in the morning when we had class, I asked Anna, my classmate from Ukraine how her class went. She said they were asking her a lot of questions because they know so little about her country. We were told that for the first session we are to tell something about our country. True enough they were all really curious. At first they were shooting me questions left and right about the Philippines that we were well into 15 minutes of conversation without realizing they haven’t introduced themselves yet. Good thing I only had six people yesterday (they were supposed to be seven so one didn’t make it).

It was here that I was able to shift the attention away from myself and the Philippines and direct them questions to make them speak more. It went really well. Everyone was participating and their English is quite good. It’s a learning experience for me too as much as it was for them. The age bracket of my group ranges from 30 – 60 and working for different sectors of the government, they all had interesting stories to tell. One was working in the tax department, the other in juvenile court, the other in the physics department of a hospital, one in social services welfare, an architect and a firefighter.


It’s really nice to do voluntary works such as this. When I first read Luka’s email about this on my way back to Pamplona from Sevilla, it quickly registered a smile on my face. 🙂



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