Protests Spanish Style

Because of the warmer weather we are having at the moment, me and the German gals (most especially them) prefer to go outdoors. This also marks the very first time I was able to go outdoors without wearing layers of clothing, hurray! We decided to go out have some coffee (but ended up having ice cream instead). Saturday afternoon we went to Plaza del Castillo. It’s the heart of Pamplona where people come to meet friends,  to idle by the benches or just to pass time.


There were posters of Movimiento 15-M covering the plaza. 15M is a movement, also called movimiento de los indignados, is promoting a more participatory government, away from the two-party system (Partido Socialista Obrero Española y Partido Popular) and the dominion of banks and corporations among other issues, that aims for better democratic system. It was born out of the crisis that hit Europe hard especially here in Spain.

It can be said to be the original Occupy Wall Street (M-15 started May 2011 and Occupy on September 2011) as it embodies the same goals as the Spanish movement. There were amateur bands that started playing at the plaza and on the other side we saw a man dressed in all black, sitting on the ground as if meditating with his eyes covered with black tape. I asked the lady keeping watch over him what he’s doing. The gist of her explanation is that with all the budget cuts the government has been implementing (I vividly remember education budget cuts being on the news last month), there is nothing left for the people. Basically what the guy was doing is an allusion to the government cuts: the successive cutting on his clothes will leave him with – nothing. The girl encouraged us to cut a piece of cloth.


The girl, her name is Maria (as half the female population of Spain), asked me if I could send her the photos we took so I got her email address and will be sending her the pictures now.


A couple of minutes and we passed by him again with his left shoulder now bare, exposing his tattoo – a heart (sorry I don’t have a closer shot but you just have to believe me when I say it’s a heart).


Several minutes more into the afternoon and we found him like this.


A good cause to show off his tattoos 😉

He was then approached by a reporter. That’s exactly what I could have been doing had I pursued becoming one. 🙂


Kids being kids. Satisfying their curiosity they cut a piece from the guy’s pants.


Walking back to my flat, I saw the protesters with their placards written in Basque, the local language in the northern regions of Basque Country and Navarre.


Spanish people are really creative in expressing their protests. What do you think?



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