The Spanish religion that is football

The on-going Champions League had me watching football every Tuesday and Wednesday beginning last week. Every time there’s a Real Madrid or Barca game, I watch.

The 2nd match between Chelsea and Barcelona has just ended.


This game in particular was do or die for Barca if they want to continue onto the finals. They had a good start but ran out of luck when at the 90+1 minute, Torres struck gold running past Barca’s defenders to give Chelsea it’s 2nd goal; it was a tie 2-2. That Barca lost to Chelsea last week during their first match means they’re out of the running.


This two weeks of watching football has significantly increased my knowledge of the different teams and their players. Back in SG when my colleagues start talking football over lunch would have me concentrating on chewing my food. I know loser, right?

I am looking forward to watching a live game. Good that I’m more oriented now with the sport. And why wouldn’t I be exposed to it when I’m currently living in the most football-loving country? 🙂


Here in Spain it’s either you’re a Real Madrid fan or a Barca fan. At this point, the lines aren’t clearly drawn whose side I’m on. So long as one of them is playing I like to watch.

Tomorrow will be another football night for me. Real Madrid versus Bayern Munich. Go Real Madrid! I want a Spanish team in the finals.


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