Día Internacional del Libro

What do poet-novelists Miguel de Cervantes and Williams Shakespeare have in common aside from their literary genius? They both died 23 April which we now commemorate as International Book Day. 🙂

It has become one of the worldwide celebrations I have come to remember thanks to my classes at Instituto Cervantes.

During my IC days, I was always anticipating Día del Libro because it was that time of year I get to see so many Spanish books! That time I was just so amazed and so eager to be fluent in Spanish. I bought my first Spanish novel during the Día del Libro – Ciudad de las Bestias by Isabel Allende.


I still have the photos of Día del Libro in 2008. I think I was in level 6 that time judging from the classmates I was with.


For every book you buy you are given a rose. This tradition has its origins in Catalonia where books and roses are exchanged between couples and loved ones. I can’t tell exactly how many roses I have here. Must be at least 3 so that’s 3 books yay!



We deliberately posed in front of these 2 VIPS. The one behind me is the ambassador of Spain to the Philippines and the other one is the Director of Instituto Cervantes de Manila. Both has since been replaced having served their tenure.



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