Famishing Full-day Friday

This week has been hectic as deadlines are looming for the various projects we need to submit. We have been frequenting the salas de equipos which are these smaller rooms that can be used for group work.

Today, in between classes I had to squeeze in group meetings for a paper and presentation due for Innovation Class on Thursday. We are to come up with a business plan for a personal consulting company. Unlike other paper work which we have to do, this is more of a chore to me. It’s challenging alright, but really? Personal consulting is what you had in mind for us to do? Like really now? <insert bitchy whiny voice>

The Decision-making class after the meeting was stimulating. We had to read a case and deliberate the course of action whether the textile company is better off to be closed or to continue amidst the crisis. We were only five in that class; three voted to have the business closed while the other two (me included) move to have the company tread on. There is no right or wrong answer of course and I will not be discussing the details of the case but the professor’s own take is the same with my group: to continue.


It was a busy day so I’ve been eating snacks during breaks. In the morning I’ve eaten a sandwich with nutella spread and at noon I ate some four pieces of strawberry and bizcocho de chocolate. But all these are not enough and since there’s no proper meal that can be bought in the cafetería, I was famished by the time I got home at 4pm. Even by Spanish standards of eating lunch (which is at 2pm) this is already late.

And this is what I came home to.


My casera prepared me food. She’s really thoughtful. I feel like I have my own mother here. My real mom has been at ease knowing I’ve been living in good conditions here and if I may add, well-fed. 😛

The estofado de ternera was savory and had me reaching out for my leftover rice in the fridge hehe. A dish this flavorful just had to be paired with rice. And because the other night my she introduced me to pan tumaca, which is bread rubbed with tomato and sprinkled with olive oil and a dash of salt, she also made me one. This is a good base for a tapa where a topping of meat, like cured ham, is usually added.


A looong day but hey it’s Friday, time to partaaayyy.
It’s been a month since I last went out for an ir de juerga. San Nicolas here we come!


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