Tourism that sells

An afternoon spent googling for info about Amsterdam had me typing away why I’m impressed by its tourism.

The branding says it all. Simple yet says a lot. The message is delivered. Perfect campaign pitch.

And what more, it stays true!

A few minutes into their website and out comes a window asking me if I would like to participate in a survey. I was delighted using their tourism website with all its useful information so I happily obliged. Within two hours or so of browsing their website your itinerary is done. A tourist would just have to plop himself on a plane for Amsterdam hassle-free.

They have also made use of a powerful marketing tool – the use of a tourist city card.


Theirs is a tourist friendly city no wonder they receive more than 4 million international visitors annually.


Then there’s “It’s More Fun in the Philippines.”


Visuals paired with creative captioning.


This is even open to customization as an application has been created with the type font. Those who have ideas to share just need to supply a picture with an accompanying caption answering why it is more fun in the Philippines. Such as this annual Hot Air Balloon Festival held every February.



With your own tourism poster plus the power of social media, you can showcase to the world your creative undertaking. This really got Filipinos engaged as the use of social media is really popular. A twitter hashtag is even created to facilitate its trending online. A good approach I’d say.

This recent tourism campaign has also become an outlet of converting something negative that has happened in the country to be taken in stride (but not all okay, some are in need of serious attention). Pinoy humor can be out of this world most of the time but it’s something truly ours and one of those things I really miss!

In one of the interviews I have watched of Tourism secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr., he said that one of the main challenges is coming up with an effective wordplay to pair with Philippines that would translate into effective brand recall. This is true and maybe the reason why a lot wanted to stick to the old campaign of “WOW Philippines.”

Then again a lot back home are nagmamagaling or misters know-it-all. With our modest budget I say this is really clever. I like the fact that the team behind the campaign has made good use of social media to spread the word. Pinoys are social media vultures. They like taking pictures everywhere, updating their whereabouts, always wanting to share things online all in the name of FUN.


But unlike the Amsterdam tourism website, the Philippine one lacks information. I am emailing them for sure. There doesn’t seem to be a dedicated website for it (yet) as has a disclaimer that the Department of Tourism is not affiliated with it.

When I was still in Singapore  I frequent the NATAS Travel Fair held twice a year. I have looked for booths offering the Philippines as a travel destination but it seems that it’s not even among the participating countries. Quite ridiculous with our close proximity to Singapore.

What I also don’t understand is the lack of pamphlets evident in the NAIA airport. I don’t recall having seen any or maybe if there are, they may not be appealing enough to have not caught my attention or not where should they be (which is again, just plain ridiculous).


I have googled to check if this new tourism slogan has been rolled out internationally. And it was. They have kick-started it in a travel trade show in Berlin – the International Tourismus Bourse (ITB).

Let’s see how it pans out. Fingers crossed.



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