Afternoon tea and how the bubble became the tea

Often in the afternoons I now find myself drinking tea.

This spring weather of frequent rain showers and cold wind has converted me into a tea drinker.

I have this box of black tea at the moment. I love pairing it with bizcocho de yogur. Bizcocho is sponge cake and yogur is yogurt so this is sponge cake with yogurt. I find it much tastier than the normal bizcocho.



Between green tea and black tea I also prefer the latter for its fuller flavor. Plus it doesn’t have that “leafy taste” of green tea 😛

Back in the Philippines I seldom drink hot tea, it was always iced tea for me and if I want to go for a flavored one, raspberry is my cup of tea! Serenitea in Glorietta is where I frequently order it and if my memory serves me right it was selling for P35. When a colleague from the Philippines visited the Singapore HQ we had a talk about this as we were queueing up for Gong Cha, a bubble tea store in Singapore which always has this crazy line. You see in the Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan there’s this explosion of bubble teas. She told me that Serenitea is now a popular bubble tea store in Manila. I was like really? I never thought they will go big cos about six years ago they only offer flavored teas being sold in kiosks and it was mainly the “coños” who patronize them (when I say coño I am referring to the Filipino slang which refers to the rich-schooled people who often have a lingo of their own, the Spanish coño is entirely different and will not be discussed in this blog).


Given that Serenitea was already in the flavored tea business it was natural progression to include bubble tea in their menu offerings. I’m glad to hear their business is doing so well. They make a good case study of a business already in position to expand to potential changes in the market. Whoa this is me beginning to think in a business perspective. Not bad. All these analyses in our case studies has rubbed on me haha.


With the fad of bubble, flavored and milk tea shops, is this seen as an actual threat in sales of coffee shops? Could be. Just thinking out loud.


2 responses to “Afternoon tea and how the bubble became the tea

  1. Hello Ryah! I can’t imagine drinking bubble tea at the moment because of the weather but a hot milk tea would be nice. 🙂 Pero I’m confused ha, you collect all those Starbucks stamps for their planner so you sure must be a coffee drinker? if not what do you buy in Starbucks all those time? haha just curious.

  2. hello grizelle! just like you, i wasn’t a tea drinker before, it is just recently that i started drinking tea (hot Yogi tea) and coffee. and i have to admit, i’m kinda getting addicted to milk teas! i have tried gong cha once and happy lemon, again just recently, i have not tried serenitea but i think, very soon i will see more bubble tea kiosks in malls. anyway, glad to get updated thru your blog 😉 take care always! God bless. mwah!

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