Viernes Santo en Pamplona

Semana Santa. That once a year holiday everyone is taking advantage of to do some leisure travel. If I were in Singapore I would have gone back to the Philippines to go with my parents to my dad’s province of Bicol. The foreign students in my class, i.e. those who aren’t Spanish, all took flight to take advantage of the break. They’re all over Europe at the moment. Early on I’ve decided I’m staying in Spain because I wanted to experience Semana Santa here.


I saw on TV the Spanish celebrations with people clad in Ku Klux Klan costumes. Truth to be told, the custom of wearing these masks were Spanish in origin. Those American extremists copied it to a different level of terror.

Anyway, I thought at first they don’t have encapuchados, those in masks, here in Pamplona. I’m glad I stayed and didn’t rough it out in Sevilla. I’m saving Sevilla for another time sans the crowd. All the better to enjoy the scenery and tapas. 😉

It was raining all day but Thank God it stopped raining in time for the procesión. Here are stills.


Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem


The Last Supper


Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane


Judas’ kiss


Carrying of the Cross



Jesus is taken down from the cross


It’s a big production here with the participation most especially of men: those who need to carry the statues, those who play the band, those who are Roman soldiers etc. I liked seeing those in Roman soldier costumes. They look so regal.

I told my casera I liked the procesión and she said: La mas fea de España (the most ugly in all of Spain). Haha. She cracks me up sometimes. I must have liked it for the fact that they have a different custom here than in the Philippines. A different take of the same belief.



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